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Trump Effect? Amazon Plans 100,000 New Jobs In The US


Around 55 percent wants Amazon to increase its workforce in the USA and promises, in addition to software developers also low-qualified. Donald Trump should like that.

Great job offensive at Amazon: The world’s largest online department store wants to increase its US workforce by 55 percent. How Amazon tells, more than 100,000 new jobs in the country are to be built in the next 18 months. The number of employees would grow from the current 180,000 to 280,000 employees. Amazon would continue its aggressive growth course. By way of comparison: in 2011, the Group employed only 30,000 people in the USA.

Amazon promises full-time jobs across the country

The newly created jobs are full-time jobs, as Amazon continues to report. “These jobs are not just in our headquarters in Seattle or Silicon Valley – but also in customer service, in processing centers and local communities across the country,” said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Several warehouses are currently under construction in California, Texas, and Florida. In addition, further software developers will be hired to drive machine learning and cloud technologies.

Trump takes tech giants into the duty

Amazon’s move is no coincidence. The newly elected US president Donald Trump had announced plans to create new jobs during his tenure million. To this end, Trump prompted technology giants like Apple to relocate their production to the US increasingly and announced higher import duties.

Previously, Ford, Refrigeration Engineer Carrier, and Apple had also announced new jobs in the US. However, it is not clear how many of the jobs were already planned before the Trumps. Many of the now published Amazon jobs according to Wall Street Journal created in anticipation of the new warehouses in Texas, California, Florida and New Jersey.

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