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Apple iPhone 7 Red Edition Specifications, Release Date

iPhone Red
Color Red
Edition Special
Storage 128 GB & 256 GB
Price $869
Availability Apple Store, Website, Retailers
Wireless Charging Yes
Screen Type OLED
Front Color White
Back Color Red
Back Case Type Aluminum

Apple is now making a new iPhone color. That’s right it’s real it’s not fake it’s on their website and everything it’s happening. Apple’s now making a red iPhone and lucky for you. We already have one here in the house so this is your exclusive first look an unboxing of the red iPhone. So this is a box for the new product red iPhone and Apples had other product red stuff in the past mostly iPod and I’ll touch on those in a second but this is the first product red iPhone ever made and while new colors of phones halfway through the year normally seem like a cheap grab for more media attention this one does not have me mad at all this is also a 256 gigs 7 plus also for the record so right on top of the box would get the paperwork like normal and actually a red product red card on top with everything else you normally get product red for those who don’t know is Apple’s couple of special edition red products and purchasing them gives a portion to support HIV good cause so yeah you get that and as you saw some normal white Apple stickers no red stickers or anything created like that and of course after the paper work is the red iPhone and first impressions are wowed thing is really red and really good looking just as pretty in the flesh as in all the really bright ad which is saying something those look great I mean this is really red plus the front is this white front like the special edition color iPod touches they did a couple years ago it’s interesting so setting the phone aside for a second you also see everything else in the box is exactly the same so you have the Lightning ear pods your charging cable your wall connector they’re all white etc. same iPhone 7 experience but yeah wow this matte red anodized aluminum is actually as ridiculously good as you think I hope the camera can do it justice but I really like the contrast of the red with the black of the camera cut out and the logo on the back the product red branding it’s all super clean and that makes three new iPhone colors Apple has come out with in this past year the product red of course is brand new but we also did get that new matte black iPhone late last year and we also saw the glossy jet black iPhone alongside that as well so we have some new stuff to choose from and the red color i think has pretty quickly moved up to the top of my favorites much as I like the matte black it’s honestly the most photogenic phone I’ve seen in a long time seriously the matte finish it’s so saturated and really bright because of the anodization it has this sort of a satin look and I don’t think it’s going to show them any fingerprints because it’s not pure black man I think Apple should do more colors of the iPhone like this imagine a green or a blue stuff like that now I got to say the only thing holding this red iPhone back for me and actually a lot of people if you were on Twitter this morning you’d see is the front of this phone why did they have to make it white I mean nothing against the white bezels you know some people like that that’s fine but this phone could be a full-on mkbhd edition red and black masterpiece with a black front imagine that I don’t know something about the white front looks a bit goofy to me like it doesn’t match also the new touch ID home button they have on these iPhones they could have totally made this silver ring around it also red or black but they didn’t seems like an obvious oversight not a deal breaker but kind of weird that they didn’t do that either way I just had people brainstorming ways to make the perfect red and black iPhone turns out there’s three possible ways to go full red on black number one is allegedly the front of these iPhones is really easy to take off and replace from like another iPhone so if you had another black iPhone and a red one then you could take off the black front and replace this white front to have a full rut and black iPhone but that means you have to have to i phone number two is you can just put a black skin on the front of this phone so it’s red on the back black on the front but that of course means you have to have the red phone already and also don’t really like like the front skins on the phone it feels kind of weird so number three which is probably the most common easy way to do this is to just get a redskin for the back of your current phone obviously it won’t be the exact same anodized metal-look or anything like that but this is by far the simplest way to do it so I’ll drop a link below the like button if you want to check that out it’s not metal or anything but obviously you still get that same kind of look if you want some reading or less but either way there you have it that is everything you need to know about the new red iPhone 7 it’s going on sale on the twenty-fourth of March so three days from the data is uploaded if you want to check that out I’ll leave a link to that below as well feel free to share this article with anyone who you think would be into the red iPhone that’s pretty much it.

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