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Is Apple Watch Series 3 Going to Make Your Life Easier?

There is no denying the fact that the latest Apple Watch Series serves as both a mini iPhone and a wrist iPod. For sure, the new Apple Watch Series 3 has made our lives much convenient and there is no other watch gadget to beat its intelligence.

The previous Apple Watch Series 2 had three significant specs in it, i.e. improved battery life, water-resistance, and Cellular Connectivity. This time, the most central spec to talk about is the very owned Cellular Connectivity!

Your Apple iWatch is like your mini iPhone! Everywhere you go, it goes with you! Also, it sounds like a good deal that these watches will run on every topmost US carrier, but in the UK, EE will be the only one providing the service…for now…But, expect the list to increase.

Let’s see how it works!

We are pretty much sure that this latest iWatch would be pretty handy for the busy fitness freaks who have to keep up with their health and tiring routine side-by-side. But there is more to know about the tendencies and features connected with the cellular connectivity of the latest watch series by Apple.

Here we go!

How Does it Connect?

There are three ways how Apple iWatch series 3 connects to the outside world around you:

  1. It locates your iPhone if around and once identified, it automatically connects via Bluetooth.
  2. Although it gets a bit clingy when you try to add new networks on the smartwatch directly, it syncs with those Wi-Fi connections that your iPhone recognizes and connects immediately.
  3. If you are somewhere with less or no reach of signals, like in the mountains, your iWatch allows you to use its cellular connectivity service which is normally kept powered off to save power.

W2 Wireless Chip — a magic wand

The latest W2 wireless chip incorporated in the latest iWatch Series is capable of doing wonders by enhancing the speed and functioning of the cellular connection for a smooth functioning of the apps. The intellectual chip is strong enough to provide 85% faster Wi-Fi, 50% upgraded power-perfect Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections as compared to its predecessors.

Furthermore, the iWatch Series 3 users will get more convenience for using apps like iMessage, Siri, Apple Music, Heartrate app, and other fitness apps.

What needs to be revised/fixed?

With pros, we have some cons too. No matter how perfectly things go, something quirky has to happen.

Here is a list of aspects that can collectively cause iWatch users a little fatigue:

It’s not just the end yet folks because there is plenty of stuff you can relish from using this cutting-edge smartwatch. Buy one and enjoy the finest experience of the next world tied to your hand because this smart watch is surely going to make your life easier for you!