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ios 10

Apple’s newly developed operating system, iOS 10, features a myriad of enhancements to improve your iPod and iPhone experience. The software boasts features to revolutionize the way you message, navigate, collaborate and multitask that is dramatically different from previous releases. iOS 10 is not the only operating system Apple has been busy perfecting. Upgraded software for Mac OS and watch OS 3 are also in the works.

One of the first things you’ll notice on the new iOS 10 is a change in the way you access the home screen. There is no more waiting and sliding to unlock; you simply raise the iPhone to wake it from sleep mode, without losing important notifications. The days of searching the home screen and various apps to check critical information are over. Notifications are more functional, even when the device is in lockscreen mode. Disarm an alarm, respond to messages, or accept a calendar appointment in stride, without navigating the lockscreen. Beta testers found this works especially well with third-party apps, such as Uber, that offer real-time updates on status and location of rides get excited about iOS 10 with new messages features like customized message bubbles Let your friends know you’re ecstatic, serious or upset. Personalize your messages with your own handwriting; when the message is delivered, the writing will flow like ink on paper as the message animates. If you want to go incognito, you can send a photo or message using invisible Ink, and your message will stay hidden until the recipient swipes it to reveal. Help friends and family celebrate big occasions with animated graphics that pop on the screen. Quickly reply to messages using Tapback and you’ll send one of six pre-determined responses Have fun with the tap to replace feature, which allows you to swiftly swap out words with your favorite emojis Apple Maps capabilities have been expanded with a practical edge. New maps software means you can preview the next turn or zoom out to view the entire route without springing back and forth. The Nearby feature is also expanded to include more locations of interest along routes and suggested alternate routes for vehicles that support Apple CarPlay. iOS10 also does a better job of tracking everyday routes, recognizing patterns and recommending alternate routes based on calendar events. Planning your night out also got easier with integrated reservation features and an interface for third-party developers to better integrate Uber services.

iOS 10 is designed to work with (iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPod touch sixth-generation or higher devices Based on the beta testing, the iOS launch will live up to its promises.

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