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Column: Zombies In Bright Sunshine

Zombie games are often cliche. In a dark atmosphere jumping everywhere, undead appears. Rotterdam studio Vertigo Games throws it on a different tack.

Instead of a horror game which is meant solely to you chase the wits, turns Arizona Sunshine to survive in a desolate world. As the name implies, the play is set in the sunny US state of Arizona. No zombie game in a dark forest, leave town or scary founded. Refreshing!

Arizona Sunshine (from PC and PlayStation 4) is a virtual reality game. Meanwhile, I have played several games Fri, with varying results. As I have motion sickness, I was afraid it would make me sick. The VR goggles namely closes you off from the ordinary world. If you then move rapidly ahead in the game, registering your eyes much action as you really just sitting on the couch. For brains, this is very confusing so you can get sick.

Fortunately, Vertigo Games that into account. In Arizona Sunshine, they have chosen to offer the ability to teleport players to other locations. This picture is still a lot quieter.

During my play session I was happy no problems and so I could enjoy the game. The thing I liked the game mode where you get infinitely many zombies opts for several rounds. Your blood is keen to try to survive as long as possible.