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Facebook Develops Smart Speaker

Facebook Smart Speaker

After Amazon, Apple and Google, Facebook will also launch its own smart speaker.


The Facebook speaker receives a 15-inch touch panel, which allows users to control the speaker. Unlike the smart speakers of the previously mentioned brands, the smart Facebook speaker will not support speech recognition. According to DigiTimes, the product will be developed by Pegatron Technology and the speaker will be on the market in the first quarter of 2018.


Earlier this year, Amazon released a new Echo speaker, the Echo Show. This speaker, like the original Amazon Echo speech recognition, supported but also featured a 7-inch touch panel.
Amazon incorporated in the Echo speakers his own digital assistant: Alexa, while Google processes his anonymous Assistant in his speaker. Soon we will also be able to expect a smart Apple speaker, which is obviously Siri incorporated into.


The 15-inch touch panel that will handle Facebook in its speaker is provided by LG Display. The first pilot products have already been manufactured at the factory in China.

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