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12-Year Old Girl Tries To Kill Mother For Taking iPhone Away


A lot of people feel that kids today are overly entitled and that’s sometimes true, especially in this case of a 12-year old Colorado girl who attempted to kill her mother for taking away her iPhone. On March 20 Boulder County police arrested the 12-year old who tried to dispose of her mother not once but twice for taking her smartphone away. Boulder County Sheriff Commander Heidi Prentup released an official statement saying that the girl had tried to poison her mother with bleach and that the mother had ingested the caustic liquid on one of the two occasions.

On March 2 the pre-teen girl poured bleach into a breakfast smoothie she’d prepared for her mother, when her mother went to drink the smoothie she noticed a strange odor but thought that her daughter had just cleaned the glass before using it. The mother, who is not being identified at this time, was treated at a Boulder County hospital and released. However, just four days later the daughter tried it again, this time she poured the bleach into a water carafe kept in her parents’ bedroom and when the mother smelt bleach again she became suspicious and decided to confront her daughter.

After confronting the her daughter the spoiled 12-year old admitted that she’d developed the plan to murder her mom after being grounded from her phone. The mother wasted little time in reporting her child to the police and investigators were able to gather enough evidence to put her in custody. The girl is currently being held in a juvenile detention facility where she’ll stay while the files for charges are pending.

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