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Google Assistant Features That Siri Can’t Match

Google Assistant

Earlier this week technology news is Google, at last, put the Google Assistant onto iPhones. For the initial time, Apple fanboys can use Google’s AI to carry out a cluster of tricks, but much more significantly, it means we can, at last, have a Google Assistant vs. Siri fight.

This isn’t a fair clash on numerous counts: Google’s been responsible for AI for a lot longer and has more data to mine; but Siri’s as well the built-in AI, which gives her right to use to far more of the iPhone’s tasks. But in spite of transparent Apple preference for Siri, Google Assistant can still pull a lot of tricks that Siri can merely dream of.

Written Conversations

The first trait you’re expected to observe is that you can type questions to Google Assistant. If like me, you’d on no account be seen dead talking to your cell phone in public, this is actually game-changing aspect. It lets you utilize all the smarts of Google with no needing to say real words in public and have everybody around you judging your movie option.

Contextual answers

Another of Google’s efficient features employing latest technology is that it remembers what you’re chatting about. For example, you can inquire “Who is going to Batman Begins,” and then straight away follow up with “show me pictures of him,” and it’ll fetch up images of Christopher Nolan.

Flight status

You can ask Google “What’s the status of Delta flight 180 to Pakistan” and it’ll give you info straight within the app devoid of kicking you out to a web page. Siri’s not even close — as with a lot of things, if you inquire it for a flight status, it’ll do the web explore and give you the top pages.


Google has just released up the technology news that Assistant’s natural-language-processing to a group of third-party corporations. One of the improved ones is Genius, the music detection, and suggestion database.

Shopping list

This is a little inequitable because equally Google Assistant and Siri do have a shopping list feature. But Google’s is a lot faster and slicker to use and syncs to a devoted Shopping List that’s joined to your Google account that bring into play latest technology, and you can simply manage from many devices.

Where Siri Still Wins

There’s one huge caveat to all this, even if: Google Assistant requires you to open up an app prior to you can use it. Through latest technology in iPhone Siri can be activated by your voice or by pressing the home button, which takes seconds off the procedure every time you employ it. In no doubt, Google’s voice detection is much better, and it syncs with all your Google accounts, but that doesn’t in fact matter if you don’t use it. While Siri remains the just alternative for the resident voice assistant on the iPhone — and I don’t see Apple altering that anytime soon — the assistant is still accessible to be second-best.

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