Is Upgrading To iOS 11.1 A Mistake?

iOS 11.1

Just a few days back, Apple rolled out its latest iOS 11.1 version. There was an impressively long list of issues that Apple had to repair. Apart from many bug fixes and other improvements like 3D Apple Touch, Wi-Fi vulnerability, extended battery life, etc, it offers much-improved photography and new emoji collection on the upside.

But sadly, those who upgraded to iOS 11.1 are regretting now. Those who haven’t downloaded the upgrade yet, you still got a chance to rethink!

iOS 11.1 has popped up some really frustrating lags and problems. It’s getting serious now because the strengths of the new update have become its weaknesses!

We have compiled the most fretting problems of Apple’s latest iOS. to help you understand the reason people are cringing at the idea of upgrading their iOS

You Could Not Download it?

Well, it sounds like the end without a beginning, right? Unfortunately, most of the users were not even able to download the iOS 11.1 update and rather, remained stuck on “Update Verification.”

“Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 11.1 (or 11)”, or “Software Update Failed.” It’s these words that have wreaked havoc on people’s nerves.

Sorry to say it, but Apple isn’t letting the old iPhone models upgrade to new iOS versions.Fine, we agree that it is buggy right now, but eventually, the issues will get fixed, however, it won’t be getting its compatibility of versions older than 5S (64-bit devices)…

Dying Battery Life

Long battery life was thought to be among the amazing features of iOS 11.1. But, it’s not true! Rapid battery drainage issue continues to prevail even after updating the iOS 11.1. We can’t help it because the dying battery life issue comes as a bonus with every new update.

Let’s hope that Apple fixes it immediately…about the time it does!

Is Your iPhone Overheating?

Your iPhone is overheating and maybe your head too? Yes, it is frustrating when your phone would have warned you just in between the updating process: “iPhone iPad iPod needs to cool down before you can use it.”

The only way possible to cool down your iPhone is to leave it that way because the automated system of Apple will find a way itself. Whatsoever, the overheating needs to get fixed.

Annoying Wi-Fi Problems

You would be blaming your Wi-Fi router for a bad connection and signals lost. But, it’s not the router – blame the latest Apple’s iOS. People complained about facing various issues with their Wi-Fi connection, it keeps on turning on and off on its own, and sometimes the Wi-Fi icon turns gray leaving users all helpless. We know that life without Wi-Fi seems impossible these days and Apple needs to understand it as well.

Bluetooth Not Connecting?

The new iOS 11.1 has some serious Bluetooth connection problems as well, making its users regret their choice of upgrading. Either it stays turned on or always remains turned off. As per complaints, we inferred that Bluetooth might be following the principles of automation. Hah!.

Don’t panic users, because Apple is already working to solve all these problems. Hope for the best and wait till it gets fixed.

Fingers Crossed!

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