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Khaadi Fired Its Workers Ahead Of Ramadan


Khaadi is a very well well-known brand to all Pakistanis. It has accomplished the status of being a global brand as it has initiated stores in Dubai and ships online to the U.K etc.

It is Khaadi, the single brand which is being reference in the books of Fashion schools, and all fashion student dreams they ought to be a part of it. Khaadi brand has different sections:

  • Khaadi Pret
  • Men
  • Kids
  • Unstitched
  • Accessories
  • Khaas


The statement given last week that Khaadi on M.M Alam Road, Lahore, has fired 32 workers right prior to Ramadan, only because these workers claimed a to some extent higher salary for their work. Numerous protests were conceded out in opposition to this act. Firing workers is single thing, but firing them right when Ramadan is in front of us sounds nearly heartless to us. Hence, community in Lahore and Karachi started to come out on streets and they are ongoing to oppose against Khaadi, and endangered to Boycott Khaadi until the return of these 32 workers.

After systematic announcement with the workers of this brand, it was known to the public that there are hundreds of employees doing functions for Khaadi, and most salespeople work for 12 hours a day, though, they are paid hardly Rs. 14,000 a month! It barely really even made logic to us how a family could stay alive a whole month on such less cash.

Open Protests Against Khaadi:

Protests were done because it was supposed low down wages should not be tolerable as a pay to those who hold degrees or are skilled enough to be working for a fashion brand which makes a huge profit particularly just about the time of Eid. It’s elevated time that the administration takes notice and regulates the wages of these workers as well as it is them who are pressed to their limits throughout the day. Even brands such as ZARA and H&M pay their workers a standard of 12$ per hour.

This act of Khaadi boycott was captivating over social media, particularly Twitter where everybody used their freedom of speech and frankly criticizes Khaadi for their actions.

Khaadi Finally Speaks Up:

Though, an authorized statement from the Khaadi’s PR team rejected such claims.

Khaadi has observed with apprehension the discussion on social media in current days emanating from certain bogus news that have been spread and which hunt for to harm our status. at first our viewpoint was not to take action to what is nothing but hateful and libelous content, we now feel we owe it to our customers to make clear the matter. We consequently firmly confirm that Khaadi has NOT fired 32 of its employees.

Reaction Of The Workers:

The workers directly rejected the statement which was given by Khaadi.

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