Galaxy S8: Samsung Stops Android 8 Update

A few days after the rollout Samsung has apparently withdrawn the Android 8 update for the Galaxy S8. The reason could be a boot loop after the update.

For a few days, users of the Galaxy S8 and S8 + were supplied with the update to Android 8 Oreo. But according to recent reports could be over again – for now at least. As Sammobile reports, Samsung has stopped the update. The update files are no longer available on the Samsung servers, and users looking for updates on their device will only receive information that their firmware is up to date.

Sammobile claims to have learned that Samsung is working on a new firmware release. Accordingly, there is hope that the update will continue soon. An official statement to stop the update or possible causes of Samsung does not exist.

A look in various forums reveals, however, that the Galaxy S8 gets stuck in a boot loop after some users after the installation of the Android 8 update and always restarts. That could be the reason why Samsung has withdrawn the update and revised it.

For users who have already installed the update and were unable to detect any issues, the update stop should have no effect. You can use Android 8 on your Galaxy S8 quite normally. Presumably, they will also be provided with the updated version when Samsung plays the update again.

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