Alibaba Launch Its Own Echo-like Smart Speaker

To compete against their rival “Amazon Echo”, Alibaba has launched its new smart speaker featuring the AliGenie voice assistant. These speakers are very similar to Amazon Echo/Alexa. This voice-controlled device has plenty of features to enrich your listening experience. As per the Eden Zolle (Technology officer at Ovum). “It clearly is an advantage if – like Amazon – you can pull consumers into your retail ecosystem with a smart speaker, but one thing we need to remember is its early days for this category, and there remain questions of consumer trust in using the digital assistants to buy goods, on a smartphone or smart home speaker device”.  In addition to enhanced voice services, this speaker device will also support Alipay. It’s the company new online payment system similar to PayPal.

Enjoy the Luxury of Smooth Listening Experience

Yes! It’s true that these new speakers are for those who want to listen to their calls, music, and conversation in an extremely peaceful fashion. Alibaba new smart speaker has the following advanced features.

  • Smooth Music Playbacks
  • Timely & Accurate Weather Reports
  • Smart Home Control Option
  • Voice activation feature
  • Can Order Goods via Tmall Shopping Site
  • Available in Black and White cylinder

Estimated Price and Available Markets

The company has claimed that their new smart speakers can be purchased online from any part of the world. Its estimated price is around ($74/£56). These new smart speakers are relatively low priced as compared to the other smart speaker devices available in online market. The shipping of these smart speakers will start from July 17th, 2017.

About Alibaba:

Alibaba Holding Ltd is a Chinese E-Commerce multinational company, which provides customer to customers and business to business trade services to millions of online users around the globe. Launched in 1999, Alibaba is the most advanced and leading online sales platform for trade. Their online buying and selling services are available in more than 190 countries of the world. The smart speaker is their new own invention. The company is hopeful that worldwide music lovers will like this device. This product is supposed to compete against Amazon’s Echo smart speakers & Alexa assistant.

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