Google Drive Will Soon Allow You To Back Up Your Entire Computer

As per the recent reports, Google has decided to make some constructive changes in their Google Drive and Google photos sharing services. The new features will help users to store a considerable amount of data in Google drive and they will also have the option to access it anytime when it required. Google is changing its drive option into a much more robust virtual backup place. In future instead of files having to live inside of the drive menu, Google will be display and backup files inside of any folder you direct it to. By using this feature, you can put the entire data of your system hard disk into Google drive.

Google Drive Backup:

The new backup feature will come in next few days, in the form of a new app named as Backup & Sync. It looks like that the new Backup and Sync app will replace both the conventional Google Drive app and the Google Snaps Backup app. Google is asking regular customers to download the new app once it’s out, but the company asks business users to still stick with the existing Drive option until the new updates will available to install. The new Google Drive will be based on the following features.

  • Enhanced back up capacity
  • Use as a personal hard drive
  • Save files of any format (Word, Excel, pdf, mp3, jpg etc.)
  • Share your save content with anyone else
  • Perfect for professional use
  • Enjoy advance security ( SSL encrypted)
  • Directly attach with Gmail Address
  • No added cost

Experience More Refined Google Photos Option

On the other hand, Google has also decided to roll out the new sharing features in their Google Photos app. The new feature is the addition of automatic sharing tab (shown at the bottom of the app). Google has added some new artificial intelligence features in this app, and now it will suggest you to send similar kind of images and photos to the friends whom are already save in your list or previously has sent some images. You can now enjoy the luxury of automatic sharing with new Google Photos app. As per the Google’s senior officials, internet users will soon observe these new changes. Now, they users will not have to worry about the loss of their precious data as they can access it any time through the web.

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