Intel’s Coffee-Lake CPU Release Date And Price

At the beginning of October 2017, Intel’s eighth generation of core CPUs will appear on the desktop. Now initial prices have dipped, which are not as favorable as expected so far.

With its new Core CPUs, Codename Coffee Lake, Intel is also in the middle price range AMD’s Ryzen series with desktop PCs counter. For the first time, it was assumed so far, the x86-inventor, then a Hexacore with 12 threads as Core i7-8700K for apparently under 500 US dollar offer. According to Intel’s price list, official price reductions have so far failed – even if the Core i7-7700K, which is still listed there for 339 US dollars, is now much cheaper to buy.

As its quasi-successor and price-performance champion, the 8700K has so far been traded. The Finnish side IO-Tech wants now however from own sources have learned that the processor 419 euros are to cost. The four core Core i5-8600K and Core i3-8350 K should cost 299 and 199 euros. All three have freely adjustable multipliers, so they can easily be overclocked. IO-Tech also mentions the 5th October, which was already on Reddit, as the date for the market launch.

If this is true, the 8600K with six physical cores would be the actual price breaker, but it lacks hyperthreading, which provides the 8700K with the 12 threads. Since the clocks of the i5 are usually lower than the i7 of the same series, a little more power is likely to be lost. This all relativizes itself, however, since the Coffee Lakes, according to the current state, need new motherboards with the chipset Z370 – only the recent DDR4 memory can be reused.

A gap of over 100 US dollars in the wholesale prices – to which in the USA still the locally different taxes come – between two CPUs of the middle class would be unusual for Intel. Perhaps the company still has the option to refine another processor or to react with price reductions. This depends on the independent benchmarks and AMD as usual in the processor business.

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