Samsung Wants To Offer 2018 Smartphone With Folding Display

For years, research has been underway, and now the first manufacturer is committed to bringing a device with a foldable display to the market. Samsung wants to play the pioneer, but in which model series is still unclear.

As early as 2018 Samsung seeks to sell a mobile device with a foldable screen. The CEO of Samsung Mobile, Koh Dong-jin, said at a press conference in Korea on September 12, 2017, which the Korea Herald reported. Thus, Samsung has defined road maps for its smartphones of the series Galaxy S and Note.


According to Samsung, these roadmaps are designed to accommodate foldable displays when they are market-ready. According to the manager, there are still some technical hurdles, but they can be overcome: “We will put a foldable device on the market when we are ready, and our goal is to do it next year” said Koh. This is the first time a company has set a precise time for the market launch of such displays.

Such ads have been in development for more than ten years, and there are also numerous patents. Samsung received 2017 several of these protective rights, which describe, among other things, the display technology itself as well as the design of a device. In the case of the latter, it is clear that one way is the form factor of a pocket book: a smartphone could offer the double screen area with the same base area when folded. Also, Apple has been more obtaining corresponding patents.

These two companies compete not only with the terminal equipment but also with the core technologies. Samsung is among the manufacturers of mobile monitors as a technology leader and has been offering OLED screens in its S series for three years. Apple could only now equal with the iPhone X, and also for the display should be supplied by Samsung. Since OLEDs do not require additional lighting and are very thin, they are the basis for flexible displays. However, they are comparatively expensive and difficult to manufacture.

According to the Korea Herald, the S-Smartphones and a new note for the folding display are the most suitable. It remains to be seen whether this will happen. The larger form factor would also make a tablet interesting for technology. The note series to which the report refers is very popular in Korea, where the new device will appear in a few days. Up to now 650,000 grade 8 were pre-ordered in Korea.

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