Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: High-End Smartphone With 6-inch Display And LTE Band 20

The high-end smartphone Mi MIX 2 equips Xiaomi with a Snapdragon 835. It has at least 6 GB RAM aside. The special edition, which is made from a Unibody ceramic housing, offers even 8 GB of RAM.

Xiaomi introduced the Mi MIX 2, the second version of its near-edge, high-end smartphone. Compared to its predecessor, it is somewhat more compact with a display diagonal of 5.99 inches. The interest in the device is likely to be significantly greater than in the predecessor since the LTE band 20 used in rural areas is now supported by the smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The Mi MIX 2 will be available in different versions. The entry-level model has 64 GB of memory and is to be available from converted 410 Euro. The 128-GByte model costs 460 euros and the 256-Gbyte variant 511 euros. Also, the Special Edition is a model with ceramic unibody housing, which is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and costs about 600 euros.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

Compared to the predecessor model, Xiaomi has reduced the bottom edge by 12 percent and thanks to the more compact display with a diagonal of 5.99 inches and a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels, the Mi MIX 2 is even smaller than an iPhone 7 Plus with 5.5 inches large screen. The dimensions of the 185-gram smartphone are 151.8 x 75.5 x 7.7 mm.

The main camera comes with 12 mega pixels and is equipped with an optical image stabilizer. It should be the same as Mi 6. Unlike this, the Mi MIX 2 does not offer a dual camera. For Selfies, a model with 5 mega pixels is available at the front at the bottom.

Mi MIX 2Xiaom Mi MIX 2: Despite 5.99-inch display, the device is smaller than an iPhone 7 Plus with 5.5-inch display (Picture: Xiaomi)

The battery has a capacity of 3400 mAh. As an operating system, Xiaomi uses the in-house development MIUI 9 by Android 7. If and when an update to Android 8 Oreo is made, is currently not known.

Presumably, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 will be officially not available so that interested parties have to import it via a Chinese online retailer. Whoever orders the device at Gearbest does not have to pay any additional costs such as import turnover tax and customs, since the shipping with the option ” German Priority ” or “German Express” takes place via Great Britain. Overall, it takes 10 to 15 business days until the device is the customers. However, a bit of risk is part of orders from China because, in the case of warranty processing, the return to China is difficult because of new IATA airfreight regulations with regard to products with non-removable batteries. Frequently, package services are rejected by the general public.

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