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Ransomeware Cyber-Attacks Has Stunned The Entire World


A massive ransomware cyber-attack has shocked the whole world. Calculatedly almost 45000 attacks have banged in the countries such as Russia, UK, India, and China it may get starts through Cyber weapons belongs NSA.

The attacks have it massively in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) on Friday morning, forcing the workers to abandon their computer systems and even push few hospitals to evacuate and shift patients to other health care departments.

According to some authentic sources, cyber weapons threshold has occurred through the government of United States and then spread it out in UK’s hospitals and penetrate in the entire world.

Reportedly, the security researchers with Kaspersky claimed that the attacks have happened in 99 different countries simultaneously, almost 45000 attacks they reckoned. Some Spanish officials also said that the mighty telecommunication company of their country has also impacted due to cyber-attacks.

The latest Ransomware Cyber-Attack has its rapid influence and penetrated in the USA southern states, but the European states impacted badly, according to Malware hunted team.  The Russian Ministry has come forward and stated that almost 1000 of computer and other electronic device got damaged in the country.

The attack has randomly covered the area rather than just targeting the specific one, the chief security officer “Mark Jacobson said that. The ransom demands are relatively far less than the impact of the ransomware cyber weapons, he added.  The cyber-attack was random and it was not targeted, he further added that.

“Edward Snowden the former NSA employee, who got shelter in Russia a few years ago, “has put the blame on NSA authorities for the entire incident.”

How to avoid from Cyber Dangers? Is it possible?

Don’t ever think that, nothing is possible; everything is possible having complete and timely preparations done by the users. Let’s suppose that you are working within an organization which is running with the computer programming and you have access having different sort of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and pads. There are some certain methods to avoid all kinds of online attacks through following mention steps.

Passwords should be quirky:

A user, employee, and employer need to use quirky passwords consist of some random numbers on your smartphone, laptops, computers and many others types of a device you are working on. The password should be based on upper and lower case which makes the password very tough to hack by hackers.

A different password for different services:

It is very common that everyone has their accounts on different services whether it is professional or personal. But having the same password on all services which you are using may cost you heavy, so every user needs to use different passwords for different services. Different password on services will give a very tough time to hackers, scammers, and others to bypass.

Don’t use emails for Data transferring:

It is very common in the offices, firms and business organizations that sending the private and confidential data through emails. Therefore, when the emails got hacked, users in the shape of employers and employees got massive setback. Hence, don’t try to send data through emails unless you have confirmed that the email or website is genuine.

Use ultimate and Reliable Software:

If you have ultimate and reliable software in your hands such as TheOneSpy computer/cell phone monitoring software. It empowers users to prevent you all the cyber-attacks which the modern world is facing at the moment. It has plenty of state of the art features which provide shelter to your device and your personal data within the cellphone/laptop and computer device when connected to the internet.

Always keep Updated (OS):

Always keep in mind to update your system with latest OS version; it will help you out to avoid the cyber- attacks. Therefore to combat with the online threats OS should be updated.


Having the cell phone or computer monitoring software is the best option for all users to avoid their personal data from ransomware cyber-attacks. The monitoring software has plenty of cellphone and computer spy software features to prevent all the online dangers.

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