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Spouse spy apps or catch cheating partner apps are really helps to save a marriage by providing the complete information of activities perform by a partner in a secret fashion. As per the research “In the United States, first time marriages divorce rate is almost 30%. There are two common reasons for early marriage divorces is that one spouse is cheating on the other and second is that a spouse is in doubt that he/she is being cheated on”. A Spy software app plays a vital role in curing your hallucinations about your spouse by monitoring in a secret manner. A spouse spy app deliver the following benefits to all their users.


Cell Phone Spy Features / Reviews
Monitor Incoming / Outgoing Calls Control Installed Applications or Block
Track Sent / Received Messages View Photos and Videos
Read Incoming / Outgoing Emails Device Lock, Device Info, Control Panel
Track Current GPS Location + Geo-Fencing Watch YouTube History, Liked Video
Monitor Internet Usage + Browsing History Access Calendar and Contacts
Monitor: Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Line Viber, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts

spy-callSpying On Smartphone Calls of Your Spouse

Installing a spy software app on your spouse’s smartphone will allow you to get the complete detail of calls performed by your partner. You will know, what he / she is doing with their smartphone devices and, to whom calls are making. A spouse Spy App will enable you to get…

  • Recording of all calls
  • Finding out the dialing history
  • Interception in between the calls
  • Redirect calls


spy-smsMonitoring OF Spouse’s Messages

A spouse monitoring app will help any partner to look out the each and every message of his/her partner and track their daily activities and routines. Most of time cheating messages are send out via smartphone SMS. Spying of your Spouse’s messages will help you to

  • View, send and receive messages
  • Redirect and message
  • Finding the complete history of messages


track-mobile-phone-locationFinding the GPS Location of Your Spouse

Now, tracking out the GPS location of your spouse is so easy with the help of   a spouse software app. By getting the help of this feature, you will be able to know about where your spouse is right now. You can also get the complete location history with the help of it. GPS tracking will help you to

  • Get the complete location history
  • Detect the precise location of device
  • Viewing out the overall travel route
  • Finding entire detail of restricted area


spy emailsSpying On Emails of Spouse

Now, if you are worried about your relationship and wants to find out the detail of your spouse’s email conversation, than use a spouse monitoring app. This feature will help you to find out the list of all incoming and outgoing messages. You can achieve the following benefits out of it.

  • Send/ Receive Mails Info
  • Complete History Of sent Mails
  • Every Contact Detail


spy mobile chatsSpying On Messenger/WhatsApp of Spouse

It’s pretty much evident that your spouse use messenger for sending messages and communication. A spouse spy app will help you to achieve every detail of your spouse’s doings with complete sanctity. You can simply know about their daily conversations and   get the record on it, in an organized fashion.

  • Spying of Facebook chat & Group notifications
  • Monitoring of BBM Chats
  • Viber Chat Spying
  • Skype Chat Spying
  • Conversation Detail With every contact In the list


spy photosSpying of Multimedia Files of Spouse

Now, get the complete details and facts about the multimedia files of the smartphone of your spouse by just installing a spy software app.  This feature will include spying of photos, multimedia files, audios and videos. You can also get the info about…

  • All the capture and saved photos
  • Finding out the detail of Each Video
  • Listening out the Saved Music of your spouse
  • Capturing the detail of each movie


Monitoring Of Calendar Activities and All Instant Alerts

If you are suspicious about the day to day activities of your Spouse, than use a spy monitoring app. It will help you to monitor there calendar activities and daily work routine. By knowing out the suspicious activities of your spouse, you can easily know what is actually going out there and what their daily routines are. With a spy app, you can achieve following benefits regarding Instant alerts.

  • Daily Schedule Routine & Appointments
  • Instant Notifications
  • Can receive alerts about suspicious words and calls or Emails


Finding the SIM Details of Your Spouse

If you are worried about the   SIM usage of your spouse and wants to know, where they are using it, than must purchase a spouse monitoring app and find out the complete detail of SIM card usage. You will get SIM card notification in a précised manner via using spy Spouse software.  You can achieve the following benefits via a spouse spy app.

  • Accurate location of SIM Usage
  • Time of Calls, connected through a SIM
  • Any Doubtful Activities

spy-phoneBug the Smartphone Device of your Spouse

Any spy software App will enable you to bug the smartphone device of your spouse and change its internal settings.  By making a bug in a smartphone, you can easily record the surrounding of your spouse, where he/she is right now.   Bug feature will help you to attain the following benefits.

  • Wipe a particular device
  • Lock a smartphone
  • Listening out the live conversation


I was facing a considerable amount of change in my wife behavior in recent past months. Every time I ask about it, she said nothing.  As she was cheating with me, so I decided to use cheater app as a spouse monitoring app. Within a first week of its use I get desired results related to email, calls monitoring and location tracking of her smartphone.  This app perfectly work for me.

Reviews by Aliza Empson

My husband was having an affair with another girl from the past two years. All this I know after using spouse monitoring app.  This app precisely work on his iPhone and help me to get all the complete details of this girl who was jeopardizing our relationship. A simple warning to this girl do the work for me. This spy app help me to save our marriage. It is the best among all.

Reviews by Sophia


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