Huawei P10 – Reviews, Specifications, Price, Release Date

A day before World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, in a press conference; Huawei has announced its new flagship smartphones devices (Huawei p10 & Huawei P10 plus) those will be launched in the next coming months of 2017. Both devices will have improvised designs and enhanced camera technology. Huawei mobiles are ranked among the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. P10 and P10 plus could be the phones, that can help to make it world’s no1 smartphone brand. The mobile has already launched at world mobile congress (WMC) in Barcelona, but the officials haven’t yet confirmed about its worldwide release. Smartphone users have to wait until the time of its launch in their local markets.


Huawei P10 Price:

For the smartphone users in the UK, this phone will be available in the last week of March 2017.  US mobile markets will have to wait around two months for this smartphone to be launched for local customers.  As for as the price concerned with the local markets, we haven’t have solid figure. In the UK, Huawei P10 will have cost around £550. Huawei P10 plus price will be around €699 for 32 GB version and €799 for 128 GB version.

Huawei P10 Features:

  • 10 inch Display
  • OCTA Core Processes
  • Resolution is (1440×2560 pixels)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Leica dual camera
  • 12MP color sensor
  • 20MP monochrome sensor
  • 3,650mAh battery
  • Metal Body
  • Fingerprint Scanner On Front Screen
  • Restructured Antenna Band

Huawei P10 Screen:

Despite all the rumors of curved QHD display in P10, Huawei P10 sticks with the 5.10 full HD panel with 432pixelsl per inch & protection of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5.  If you want to have a mobile, which have WQHD display, than Huawei P10 should be your preferred choice.

P10 Camera & Battery:

As the Huawei has continued its partnership with Leica for P10, so the users will have an enhanced capturing experience. Both P10 and P10 have included 12MP RGB color with a fast aperture of f/1.8. Fast and wireless charging features will be available for the users of Huawei P10 and P10 plus. P10 has 3200mAh and Huawei P10 pus has a battery of 3750mAh.

Huawei is using its latest Kirin 960 chipset in their upcoming smartphone versions of P series. Smartphone users can easily enhance their storage capacity of this device up to 265GB.  Google Daydream support will also be available for P10 and P10 plus.

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