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Virtual Private Network (VPN) is widely used by the millions of online internet users to create an encrypted connection (VPN Tunnel) in order to surf internet safety.  VPN networks keep the internet data perfectly secured and private from all kinds of potential intruders.  Remote access VPNs and site to site VPNs are the major forms of virtual private network installed by the internet users to accomplish complete security while browsing and surfing the internet.  Individual users widely use remote access VPNs to safe their internet protocols over the period of time. In case of remote access VPNs, a connection is generated in between the user and private network.  These kinds of VPNs connections are beneficial for business users, who want to work safely in their office as well as at their home. Corporate business professionals and executives can now take the advantage of remote access VPNs to surf internet securely.

Another type of VPNs connections used by the online users is Site to Site VPN. This kind of VPN strategy is perfectly useful for the companies and multinational firms, who have their offices in all parts of the world. A site to site VPN connection enables managers to connect with the company same offices in a secured and safe manner.  Their all company communication and transmission will be carried via a safe medium. An authentication will be required to perform perfect communication between the two validate routers.

What is Pure VPN?

Among all the available virtual private services providers, Pure VPN is the most advanced and perfectly tailored user-friendly private network service. It operates as a self-managed VPN network which currently stands on more than 750 servers in more than 140 countries of the world.  Pure VPN services really allow internet users to precisely perform their internet activities without any fear of potential threat.  It’s the world’s best and most reliable VPN service.

Kinds of VPN Protocol Processes:

Internet Protocol Security or IPSec:

Internet protocol security or IPSec is commonly used to secure internet communication across an IP network.  This security protocols practice involved authenticating of the session and their encryption during the connection. IPSec is commonly employed in two modes; transport mode and tunneling mode. In case of transport mode only messages are encrypted into data packets, and in case of tunneling mode, the entire data packet is encrypted.

Layer 2 Tunneling Mode L2TP:

L2TP is recognized as the layer 2 tunneling mode, which is usually combined with another VPN security protocol like IPSec. L2TP usually create two connection points which are helpful to encrypt data and perform perfectly secure communication in between the tunnel.

Point To Point Tunneling Protocols ( PPTP):

Point to point tunneling protocols is the most advanced and vital private network formation process that encapsulates the whole data packets.  It is the most widely used tunneling protocol.

Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) & Transport Layer Security (TLS):

This is a perfect security system protocol that efficiently creates VPN connections, where the web browsers work as a client and user access is limited or restricted to specific applications or programs.

Open VPN:

It’s a commonly used VPN protocols formation type that creates point to point and site to site connections. It’s like a custom security protocol based on SSL and TLS formation.

 Secure Shell (SSH):

It’s like a secure VPN tunnel through which data transfer is carried out in an encrypted fashion. This type of VPN works like a secure shell, through which client and data is transferred from a local port on the remote server through the encrypted tunnel.


If you want to surf the internet in a safe and secure fashion than must get the services of Pure VPN.  It will help you to encrypt your entire internet with up to 256-bit high-grade encryption so as to protect your data on your system either you are browsing form your home or from your office. With Pure VPN services, you will not have to be worried about the security of your emails and instant messages. No one can intervene in your private conversations and you can simply send and receive photos and videos with complete peace of mind & secrecy. For more info; you can read the PureVPN review here.

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