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Software Testing Tools – Know The Real Champions Of This Industry

Software Testing Tools

Software testing tools allow users to perform a comprehensive test analysis of a specific software or IT infrastructure by finding out the bugs lowering its performance, security, usability and responsiveness on available devices. The basic purpose of a software testing tool is to perform advanced class automated bug management, defect management, test case management and test script reporting. Software testing tools can help you in many ways. These not only contribute to maintaining quality but as well as it save the time of a professional tester by reducing repetitive test analysis work. I have listed down some most resourceful testing tools, letting testing engineers to sustain quality of an IT product throughout its lifecycle.


Kualitee is an ultimate test case management and bug management solution, which is designed for professional testers to detect and remove bugs at the initial stage of product development. End to end test reporting, creation of testing modules, customizable testing fields, and real-time test integration are its most proficient testing benefits. Kualitee provides more control to its users during the test case analysis, script preparation and its implementation.

HPE Quick Test Professional:

HPE Quick Test Professional is renowned as HPE unified functional testing tool which delivers optimized level test case automation, regression test analysis and defect identification features for any available software and applications under testing. It’s unique & smart bugs recognition process make it sure that testers achieve quality in a timely fashion without going into repetitive test analysis.

Test Complete:

Creation and execution of UI automated tests of any desktop web or mobile app are now so easy with test complete. This particular software testing tool is developed by Smart Bear that enables testers to get real time testing access on all the latest devices, browsers and operating systems. You can easily integrate this testing software with other testing tools e.g. HP Quality Center, QAComplete, TFS, Bugzilla and Jenkins to whom you are already using for test case analysis of an IT infrastructure.

Telerik Test Studio:

Telerik Test Studio offers one-stop GUI, Load, API, and Performance testing features across desktop and mobile applications. This particular software testing tool delivers the support for languages like HTML, AJAX, ASP.NET, MVC and Silverlight. Integration with Visual Basic Studio 2012 & 2010 is its most handy and resourceful features.


To build, manage and maintain quality across all available devices through agile testing, QMetry is the most reliable software testing tool. It’s a perfect combo of agile test case execution and test case management. QA testers always show their affection towards this software because of its simple interface and user’s effectiveness.

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