Top Five Pizza Places In Lahore


pizzaI don’t know what to say but all I can say that “Everyone love pizza”. Its really a funny thing that people asks their friends and family members for pizza on very small thing. Let’s have an example:

Qasim: mai ne new phone lia hai ye dekh … 😀

Umair: beta phone baad mai dekhn ga pehlay pizza khila koi party shaarty ho phr tuje koi dua dein gy …


Ziada Behan Bhai is liay b honay chahieay bunda thora thoray paise jama kr k pizza mangwa leta hai …

So, these were the  little funny lines I shared with you. Sometimes customers are unable to decide the place. First person say yr Pizza Hut chalein? 2nd peraon: nai yr uska farig hai tu ne Fri-Chicks try kia yr kamal hai.

We actually tried to reduce this fight seriously ?

Now let’s talk about the Top Pizza Shops in Lahore:

  • Pizza Hut

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