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Amazon Alexa Gifts Voice of Santa Claus This Christmas

An unexpected gift is delivered by Amazon during this jovial season of Christmas. Amazons Alexa has introduced another delightful voice of Father Christmas to it’s all-time famous Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Show devices.

Amazon is constantly coming up with new updates for its Echo smart speakers in terms of its topical tricks, outstanding apps or addition of new voices to Amazons Alexa.

Previously Amazon Alexa has accentuated the voices of celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Shaq, and Melissa McCarthy to Alexa. And now on Christmas, they came up with a remarkable surprise of the voice of Santa Claus himself. Santa Claus’s Alexa skill is available for free and accessible to all for bringing cheer to home on this special occasion of Christmas.

People eagerly wait the whole year for this eve of Christmas and especially for the arrival of the most famous personality i.e undoubtedly Father Christmas, Santa Claus. And what more good Amazon’s Alexa can bring for you than facilitating you to hear, talk and question Santa Claus.

You can now ask the funny questions to Santa Claus, or questions related to Christmas gifts or even you can make him sing songs or tell stories to you.

How to set up Amazon Alexa’s new Santa Claus voice:

It’s more than what you call a simple.

  • To enable this feature just say “Alexa, enable Hey Santa” to start hearing the voice of St. Nick.
  • The picture of Santa Claus will appear on your screen.
  • Tap on the picture and click on Enable to use.

Amazon’s Alexa may ask you to sign in to verify your identity before proceeding. You can verify your identity with your mobile number, email address or the CVV of your Amazon account.

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