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Android 12 Beta 5 Release in Google Pixel Phones

Due to the fact that Android 12 Beta 5 just released, we can expect that the official Android 12 is on the verge of releasing. We now have a clearer understanding of what to anticipate when the final version of Android releases. The release is due at the end of the summer, thanks to Google’s finishing modifications for the new operating system! As a matter of fact, Google has hinted that Android 12 will release in “a few weeks.”

Our Take on Android 12 Beta 5

Android 12 is no small update folks! It introduces a completely redesigned UI as well as a slew of new functionality. We will take you through the highlights of Android 12 Beta 5. Let’s find out the pixel phones that are capable of running it right now.

Release Date of Android 12

According to the company, Google used to release new versions of Android at the same time as the newest Nexus or Pixel phones. However, the company has shifted away from that practice in recent years.

Let’s talk about the release patterns of the latest Androids. Android 10 released on September 3 of year 2019, and Android 11 on September 8 of year 2020! This makes their release within the first week of September. (In both instances, the most recent Pixels didn’t come until a month later than the previous models). Despite the fact that the pandemic interfered with the development cycle for Android 11, Google managed to meet its September deadline.

Having said that, it’s highly probable that Android 12 will come out in September of this year. However, Google hasn’t announced a specific release date as yet. Google has provided a timetable on its development website. According to it, Android 12 will release at the conclusion of the third quarter of 2021 — which would be towards the end of September this year.

Beta Versions of Android 12 

It was on February 18 that Google published the first Developer Preview of Android 12. Many new developer-focused features, such as the Platform Stability milestone, are available as a result of this release. Google wants Android 12 to be stable by August 2021, according to the company.

The first Android 12 Beta 5 is now available for various devices, including the Google Pixel, as of May 18. The second beta included the majority of the features as well as a number of minor bug fixes. It is currently available for download and installation manually or through OTA.

Android betas 3 and 4 included the other additional features. Google discussed the Android 12 bubbles Easter surprise during I/O, and here’s how to get your hands on one!

Android 12 Beta 5 came out on September 8, and it is the last beta for the new operating system version before the official launch. The deadline for developers to verify that their applications are ready for release is approaching. In addition, you may now download Android 12 on your Pixel 5a through Android 12 Beta 5.

New Features Coming in Pixel Phones

Although listing every single new feature coming in Android 12 would take up a significant amount of time, we can highlight the most significant improvements coming to your Android phone in this article. Some of these improvements have piqued our interest, while others will be essential to the further development of Android.

  • New UI
  • Quick Settings improvements
  • A new way to launch Google Assistant
  • Better performance and power efficiency
  • Scrolling screenshots
  • Privacy
  • Remote control
  • Better integration with Chromebooks
  • Enhanced auto-rotate
  • Game Dashboard, and more

Pixel Models Receiving Android 12

Compiling a comprehensive list of every phone that will get Android 12 is almost impossible. You can rely on Google’s own Pixel phones, which will include the forthcoming Google Pixel 6, to be among the first to receive the new software.

Unfortunately, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will not get Android 12. However, these devices received the Android 11 update, and will continue with it. That implies the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will be the next devices to be phased out. So, Android 12 is possibly serving as the last release in Pixel 3 and 3 XL. All of these Pixels are compatible with the Android 12 beta 5. Therefore, we can be certain that they will get Android 12 when it is released. Of all the Pixels presently available, these are the ones we are most confident will receive Android 12.

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