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Apple Products: What You Should Buy And What You Shouldn’t In 2022

Several Apple products don’t make sense in the line-up anymore, as the new and advanced products have taken their place. Similarly, there are so many products available from Apple that are the best of tech and cost you less with high quality and outstanding features. Here I am going to explain all the products that one should buy and that one shouldn’t.

As 2022 has settled its feet in our lives, several people are heading on to find the products that best suit them, or especially they are searching for products that they can surprise their loved ones and family with. If you are also among these people, you should know all the pros and cons of the apple products and should buy them accordingly.

Here, I am going to explain all these products what and why one should buy and what and why one shouldn’t watch.

Apple Products: You Shouldn’t Buy

There are so many apple products that have lost their charm. It might be because the owners did not upgrade them according to the need of time, or the drawbacks appear with the time that remains unresolved or it might be because some other product with much better features has replaced it. So beware, when you are buying any of such products. Here I am going to explain a few of them.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE Suggestion

This product was good when first arrived in the market but now has lost its charm. Furthermore, they are not going to refresh it this year. Here are some of the main drawbacks.

  1. Apple iPhone SE was launched with a smaller screen size at 4.7 inches. Moreover, it has a big top and bottom bezel frame that makes the screen design inappropriate.
  2. It doesn’t have any external memory, well that’s the case with every iPhone product
  3. RAM is only 3GB. You can’t use it for so many applications.
  4. It does not have a 3.5mm audio jack and there is only one camera for both front and rear view.
  5. Its battery capacity is less than 2000 mAh.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

You will get a lot to know about the Apple watch series 3 if you are a watch lover. Many technologists prefer to never buy Apple watches of series 3. And here I am going to illustrate some drawbacks.

  1. The main problem with the apple watches is their storage capacity. They only offer 8Gb in series 3 which make it even harder to update properly
  2. It only works with the iPhone. It has no option for other products of Apple-like Mac, iPad, iPod that are widely in use.
  3. The screen is 42mm which is too tiny for any smartwatch and especially when compared to other smartwatches, this can’t be the choice
  4. The main reason for its downfall is that it has an expiry date. When it comes to watches, we always feel like they are for a lifetime.
  5. The watches of this series are not water-resistant and too high in price with low quality.

iPod Touch 2019

iPod Touch 2019

It was a good product when it’s released three years ago. Apple marketed it as “fun at its full speed”. I hoped they would freshen it in the coming years to come up with the advancement in technology but it never occurred. Here are some of the main drawbacks because of which I felt that make it no more suitable for today.

  1. The screen of this iPod is dimmer and less vibrant than any other phone out there.
  2. As it was basically made for games so cameras are not up to the products. They are only 8MP and 1.2MP for front and rear views.
  3. The price is too high as compared to other smartphones with all these features that make it a less desirable product.
  4. It doesn’t offer both touch and face id. No availability of Face id detection can be bearable but not having a touch id detection is really unbearable. Writing a passcode every time if opening an iPod seems very old-fashioned.
  5. Battery life isn’t too great. With the screen and data on, I got only 4 hours and 30 minutes. Which makes it very less likely to be used. No one wants to hold on to the charger all day long.

Mac Mini (2018)

Mac Mini (2018)

With the advancement in the field of technology, so many things have been upgraded that a mini mac doesn’t provide you.

  1.  Apple is moving forward for a transition of intel core processor to its own apple silicon while Mac mini is still working on intel processor
  2. It has a higher starting cost that makes it unlikely to use by many
  3. Mini Mac only has a feature of integrated graphics, whereas the Intel iMac has a separate graphics processor unit (GPU).
  4. RAM in Mini Mac is not technically on a user upgraded level.
  5. You’ll need a USB-C or HDMI video adapter with Mini Mac while it is instilled in other upgraded versions.

Apple Products: You Should Buy

There are so many precious apple products that make our life easier and its burdens manageable. Some of the best innovations of the time are AirTags and AirPods. They are easily accessible and of high quality and their use can never be underrated. Here I am going to explain the best of previous years’ products that won’t lose their charm in 2022 as well.


Apple Air Tag

AirTags are one of the best innovations in the history of technology and are the best thing to give to someone who loses his/her things frequently. Here are some of the unprecedented use of AirTags.

  1. With apple AirTags attached to your things, you don’t need to turn your house upside down to find it out. Let it be your wallet, keys, glasses, or anything else.
  2. You can find out your lost things from all your iPhone, iPad and even your Apple Watch and Mac as well.
  3. It’s a coin size, so small in size, and if you lost something having a tracker attached to it. You’ll get notified on your iPhone when someone with an iPhone or Mac comes in a bluetooth range of it.
  4. If someone else is trying to stalk you with his AirTag by placing it into your stuff, your iPhone will notice its presence and send you an alert. And if you still can’t find it, you can play the AirTag to produce a sound to let you know it’s there.

$29 at Amazon

AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Air pods have become a necessity and when it comes to Apple AirPods pro, they take you on to the next level because of their outstanding features.

  1. The microphone in the Apple AirPods pro has a feature of active noise cancellation that cuts out the noise from both inside and outside with their anti-noise capability.
  2. They also let you have a transparency mode which enables you to hear from the outside as well as to interact with the people of your surroundings.
  3. They come in three different sizes of small, medium, and large, with a silicon tip that fits best in your ear and equalises the pressure on both sides of earbuds.
  4. They offer you a high dynamic range amplifier working together with an H1 chip to produce high-quality sound.
  5. The battery timings and wireless charging case have made it more than awesome and they are always ready to go with you in their case. With multiple charging, the unprecedented battery life will be more than 24 hours.

$197 at Amazon

iPad Pro

iPad Pro
Credit: Apple

Each new iPad of Apple seems more advanced and has more features than the previous one. And all the iPads make sure to replace the laptops completely.

  1. So many models are available. One has an 11-inch LED Liquid Retina display while the other has a 12.9-inch mini-LED display, which is better.
  2. They have a larger display but are thinner and lighter than the former ones which makes them more easily portable.
  3. iPad Pro also offers you the second-generation Apple Pencil that is joined to the iPad magnetically and gets charged from a direct physical connection.
  4. There is also a Magic Keyboard in iPad Pro. And it’s also available in white color.

$834 at Amazon

MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro

The 13-inch MacBook Pro holds its place among the MacBook Air and other high-end pro models in a very short time. If you want to buy the finest quality laptop, this is going to be the best option so far for you.

  1. the 13- inches MacBook Pro uses the M1 processor with an eight-core CPU and an eight-core GPU.
  2. This MacBook Pro is 2.8x faster with 5x faster graphics as compared to its predecessors.
  3. It has an additional feature of the Magic keyboard and it’s the last one of the series to receive it.
  4. MacBook Pro also comes with a Touch id button and Touch bar on the sides.

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