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What is Content Delivery Network? KNOW The Best CDN Services Providers?

CDN is an acronym for Content Delivery Network that is everywhere on the internet and most of you don’t identify it but use it on a daily basis. CDN lays a foundation of a pillar in order to deliver content ubiquitously on the cyber-earth.

It is surprising that only a few of us know the concept or functions of CDN though it has reached far and wide on the internet. You enjoy the benefits of CDN while browsing, watching videos on YouTube, going through online articles, doing online shopping, etc. From an HD image pixel to a well-organized movie frame, CDN is the one that makes quality content delivery possible.

Why Do We Need CDN Services?

Remember? When you were trying to open your favorite E-commerce site, you waited for it to load, but the only thing loaded was the onscreen content. It is called latency – the delay that occurs when you want a web page to load but you see its content instead. The delay is technically the distance between the user and the hosting server. Consequently, CDN efficiently functions to abandon the annoying effect of latency.

What Are the Goals of CDN?

The utmost goal of Content Delivery Network is to curtail the physical difference of the delay via VI. Besides minimizing the latency effect, it also intensifies the swiftness and performance of a web page.

How Does CDN Work?

CDN keeps every itsy-bitsy component detail of the internet in a nutshell. Most importantly, it stores cached versions of every snapshotted page to index the content and other databases. These caches of web pages help in diminishing the delay by storing this version in a variety of geographical locations, these locations are known as a Point of Presence/PoP.

Every PoP contains multiple cached versions/servers that are assigned to deliver content in its relevant proximity. CDN is an excellent source to deliver tremendous coverage for several geolocations and places worldwide. For instance, you can watch a vibrant live streaming of Apple’s product happening in California sitting comfortably on your sofa without moving to another place. This is the power of CDN that brings quality and speed at a peak of time.

Who Uses it?

Almost half of the worldwide traffic is a user of CDN. Professionally, the large-scale corporations that deliver massive information to its global audience, get the assistance of CDN on a general basis. Giant websites of Media/ Entertainment, Education, IT, Advertising, Healthcare, etc. make a common usage of content delivery network in order to get rid of latency, block spammers and scrapers, lessens the bandwidth consumption, reduced web page freezes, shelters apps, and there is long list how CDN benefits the world.

Pro Tip: Never settle down for free CDN services, especially, if you are running a strictly localized website. You would get less or no benefits from the content delivery services.

How can it serve you?

Today’s modern CDN servers are capable of providing all the necessary requisites in order to complete any complex IT assignment:

  • It improves the speed of page load
  • Tackles the page traffic efficiently
  • Hinders spammers and threatening bots
  • Covers areas worldwide
  • Localization of information with no cost at all
  • Reduces bandwidth consumption

It is important to know the best CDN service providers for every individual seeking smooth worldwide coverage with least hanging of pages.

Read on to the best and most efficient CDN service providers that can solve any speed and security-related issues of your website or application:


MaxCDN is the most popular and widely scattered platform used by more than 90 countries globally. It has SDD-loaded servers that amplify the speed of your web page. It enables you to direct and run the CDN your own way by setting customized rules and terms. Ultimately, MaxCDN allows your web page’s users to enjoy steadfast and creamier experience of page loading.

Moreover, the CDN service provider has some proficient security features such as two-step authentication, SSL, and secured tokens that provide your website with the aptest safety ever.

It is compatible with all famous content creation and management platforms like WordPress, Drapula, Magento, etc.

Imperva Incapsula

Imperva Incapsula fits best with Cloud computing processes, thus provides rigorous services to improve the performance of your official webpage accordingly.

The topmost CDN service provider uses the cached versions of web pages to get the indexed content for better quality and it also reduces the bandwidth consumption as well. Most significantly, it takes care of friendly user-experience by handling the page loads and bringing estimated network optimizations.

The integrated DDoS protection and web application services assist in achieving deliberate security goals for your website. Another tremendous service of Imperva Incapsula involves the management of traffic and lagging page loads of your website.


The best part of using Cloudflare is, you can avail most of its robust services like protection and smoothness of your page via Free plans. Astonishingly, the CDN has 115 data centers dispersed across the globe, including areas like Pacific-Asia, Europe, South and North America, Middle East, etc.

It uses an expert integration, “Anycast” for flowy and reliable networking services. Security is further excellency provided by Cloudflare.


Cachehfly is another finest CDN service provider that caters its users with least error rates in the process of conferring finest performance to your web page. Cachefly has 40 Points of Presence/PoP worldwide. All these PoPs are capable of providing maximum coverage to the most proximal areas. if you are a user of the Cachefly CDN service provider, you will rarely encounter the latency effect in the loading page of your web page.

Furthermore, it is accompanied by md5-shared secret system that lets its operators customize numerous security commands by using IP address, Time-Stamp, and Return URL.

Features like Cloud Harmony and Cedesix, reporting from Paessler, customized bandwidth, etc. are made to serve your website with boisterous performance and highly-effective coverage globally.


Akamai is another cloud-based platform that accelerates and boosts the high-performance of a website by speeding up the page loading process.

No matter, if your website is loaded with cluttered traffic, the Dynamic Site Delivery feature of Akamai will simultaneously manage to provide quality content to all the nearby areas.

The real-time visualization helps to detect those global areas that are vulnerable to catch any web attack traffic and it also provides skeptical insights in identifying any regions with sluggish web connections.

Here is the concept of CDN for you clutched in a nutshell. Make a wise choice and let the finest CDN service provider do the rest of the work for your large-scale or localized website.

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