Charter Spectrum Reviews

Charter Spectrum Reviews – Cable TV, Internet, Phone Services

Charter Spectrum Reviews

Summary – Charter spectrum gives two things which everyone tries to beat them. The one is that providing the unlimited streaming with exact price rates. However other internet companies try to fight back against Netflix type services like no data restriction. Charter Spectrum is taking their services to the next level. As we know that Spectrum become a partner with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network since 2016, and Spectrum becomes the second number one service provider in the USA and their nearby areas. Here we review the spectrum pros and cons in detailed.

Charter Spectrum Pros

  • Available many suitable and flexible options
  • No need for agreement
  • DVR service is available
  • Spectrum TV app
  • Plenty of HD Channels
  • Reliable installation services

Many Suitable Options Available – Many cable providers provide internet services, but unfortunately, they are not reliable, they manipulate the users, and Zip the consumer gets disappointed because of the low quality. Charter Spectrum provides services in different packages. The various number of packages suitable for any size of the family. There are three major packages in which Spectrum TV Select, Spectrum Silver, and Spectrum TV Gold are included. These bundles contain Internet, Phone, and Cable TV services. If anyone doesn’t want to but any package and buy a single service that will be cost the $60/per month, and the services include125 HD channels, get hold of Movie on Demand, smoothly streaming from your mobile devices, and also DVR option is available for recording the TV shows, etc.

No Need for Service Agreement – Many cable service provider having the contract requirement. And their minimum contract age is almost two years. Charter Spectrum do not apply any agreement to their new users while they are purchasing the bundle.

DVR service is Available – There is another superb advantage is DVR availability. Charter Spectrum provides DVR service that can help to record, pause or rewind any TV shows, movies. The flat rate of DVR system is $20 including $7 of service charges. The significant advantage of DVR system is you can record two shows at a time. If anyone wants multiple DVR services, the additional costs will be paid for avail this service and each system have the capacity to 780 hours to save the data.

Spectrum TV AppSpectrum launch its app which permits you to watch more than 170 live TV channels live to stream, and you also watch on-demand content. This app allows you listing, schedule your favorite TV show recording on DVR. You also watch on multiple devices your favorite show or channels like Smartphone, tablets, laptop through this smart app.

Plenty of HD channels – When we talk about HD quality displays TV channels, our mind clicks to the spectrum cable TV channels. They provide more than 200 plus HD channels in their bundle packages. They also give 1500+ options in their HD results channels which you want to watch on Demand and also adds 3D or 2D.

Reliable Installation Services – The Company provides fast and secure installation service. The contractor arrived on time and offered their excellent services. If it happens that contractor does not come on time, you will get the 20 credit form the company.

Charter Spectrum Cons

  • They have limited availability
  • Low Mobile app ratings
  • Fewer HD channels

Limited accessibility – The big disadvantage of spectrum provider is that they are too limited. Approximately 41 states they covered, and in these states, they give their service to the certain residential areas. If we compare to the other services provider companies, they have a vast connection, and they offer their services to a broader area.

Low Mobile app Ratings – spectrum app is available on both the android user and Apple users. It’s handy for clients to watch on Demand content. The app is not getting the high rating in-app stores. Even Apple users are also complaining that the app is not easy to maintain and not updated quickly. They rate the app 3 out of 5 stars.

Fewer HD Channels – if we compared to the other cable TV service provider companies, the spectrum is not giving enough HD channels for entertainment. They provide 175 HD channels; however, the other service provider companies offer plenty of HD channels to their users.

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