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Charter Spectrum Self Installation: Getting Started

Charter Spectrum is considered one of the USA’s best internet services, covering a total area of more than 45 states. Provided that the company encompasses such a vast area, it gets challenging for customer support to provide professional services at the doorstep.

Moreover, like other Internet service providers in the USA, spectrum installation also charges a certain fee for in-person visits. Therefore, they usually suggest its customers go with the self installation plans.

But don’t worry, you always have the option of professional installation as well. So, wherever you get stuck, you can simply put up your phone and call spectrum customer support services.

Charter Spectrum Self Installation  

The information that we discuss in the article is sufficient for the reader to come up with the required knowledge that will help in the spectrum self installation process. However, if you still come up with any problems during the installation process, you might want to contact spectrum customer support services.

They will try to solve your problem over the call, but they might visit you at your home if they are unable to do so.

Charter Spectrum Self Installation Steps 

When you receive the spectrum internet modem or router, you get a complementary spectrum self installation kit. It has all the instructions that will help you self-install the services at your home. However, if you are not a big fan of reading from the manual, we might give you a little easier insight here. So, follow these simple steps for the spectrum self installation process:

Power up the Modem 

  • First of all, you have to locate the coax cable from your self installation kit. Once you have done it, you might want to establish a connection between your cable and the modem.
  • In addition to multiple coaxial cables, the spectrum self installation kit also includes a coaxial splitter that is used to link the spectrum receiver and the modem.
  • Now put the power cable into an electrical socket and wait till the status light shows a solid color after a series of blinks. The solid color is an indication that the modem is in working condition.

Connect Modem to Wi-Fi router 

  • In the spectrum installation kit, you come up with an ethernet cable that is used to establish a link between the router and the modem.
  • Now connect the Wi-Fi router with the power socket and establish the connection.
  • Wait for a good 10 minutes until the router has had the time to set itself up.
  • As soon as the status light turns solid, your connection with the Wi-Fi router has been established and is good to go.

Note: In case the router light does not stop blinking, you should remove all connections and try again. If it doesn’t work either, check for any damages in wires or cables and contact the Spectrum Customer Service Representatives.

Connect Wireless Device to Wi-Fi network 

The Wi-Fi router that you installed in the previous step can be used to stream as many shows, sports, movies, and games as you want – or your internet connection permits to be very precise. A wireless connection means that you can watch and browse anything from your sofa or bed. To connect the Wi-Fi enabled device to your wireless internet connection, you have to follow these steps:

  • Link your modem with the Wi-Fi router via an ethernet cable provided in the spectrum self installation kit.
  • Go to the Settings menu of your Wi-Fi enabled device.
  • Now select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password that you will find on the backside of your Wi-Fi router.
  • In order to have a well-connected Wi-Fi experience, select the frequency of 5 GHz, and establish an internet connection.

Spectrum Internet Installation Services 

People often answer questions like, “does spectrum internet offer free installation?” There are two basic answers to this question; it’s yes and no.

So, coming to the yes counterpart – spectrum internet offers a free spectrum self installation kit for those who apply for it. The kit has no additional costs and provides you multiple coaxial cables, coaxial splitter, and ethernet cables. In addition to this, there comes a manual that guides you to self-install the spectrum of internet services at your home.

On the other hand, if a consumer decides against the spectrum self installation service, they will have to pay a one-time fee. This fee will involve the assistance of a professional technician who comes to your home and set up the entire system on his own. However, if a customer subscribes to a plan that includes the professional installation as a part of the spectrum bundle, the technician will provide the free services.

Need for Professional Spectrum Installation Services?

You must be wondering why anyone wants professional assistance when the spectrum self installation kit comes with all the required accessories and a complete guideline. As a matter of fact, there is no need for it. But in some instances, such as for elderly people who cannot do the installation on their own, there is a need for professional installation services.

Once in a blue moon, the customer may face some problems regarding the installation or connection of problems. Sometimes, the customers are able to troubleshoot the problem by themselves or during the call. If, however, they are unable to do so, they might need assistance from a technician.

Activation of Spectrum Internet Service 

The easiest and the recommended way of activating the services is to contact the spectrum of customer support services. The representative can assist you in activating the internet. However, if you feel capable of doing it on your own, you have a free hand as well.

Just search out spectrum.net/self-install in your browser on a device that is connected to the internet. Click on the “Get Started” option and follow the steps that it shows. In simple words, all you have to do is to create a valid username on spectrum.net. This will be your spectrum account for the future that you will access.

The Verdict 

Spectrum self installation services are quite user-friendly, and most people in the USA prefer this option. Particularly in the days of the pandemic, people usually tend to avoid professional assistance as much as possible. The fantastic thing about spectrum self installation is the fact that it provides a thorough manual listing out the steps required for efficient installation.

Moreover, since the company provides the right and sufficient equipment, there is no need for the consumers to worry about finding the equipment such as coaxial cables and splitters, etc. For further assistance about spectrum installation or spectrum internet packages, feel free to contact 1-800-370-0251, and one of our representatives will guide you through the whole process.

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