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Monitor Your Flight Information Quickly with The Messaging App On iPhone

Did you know that a simple messaging app can keep all your flight information? If yes, good for you. If not, after 2 minutes of reading you won’t say this.

As the weather is getting colder and cloudy and we set our feet in the holidays season with Christmas and New year’s eve are only a few days away. You and your friends and family might have a lot of travel plans. But what if after so much planning and packaging of your luggage, after driving for an hour or two to reach the airport, you got to know that the flights have been delayed or cancelled? We are all well aware of the sudden travel restraints for international travellers because of the onset of the Omicron variant. So anything can be expected and at any time even if you have reserved all your seats.

In case of scheduling any of the international tours, you must be well prepared for all kinds of consequences. The foremost thing is to be well informed of your flight delays, gate numbers for departure and other flight information. And all this data exists in your messaging app if you have an iPhone.

Instead of wasting your time on reaching the airport and watching the display boards or draining yourself with the use of airline apps, you can do something easier. A simple messaging app can help you get all the info you need in no time. Here I am going to explain how?

How to track your flight via messaging app on iPhone?

Before I start explaining the procedure, you must be well familiar with these pre-requirements.

• Make sure that your message is enabled because this service doesn’t work with SMS/MMS.

• Save your flight information in the form of a text message. You can send it to anyone in your messaging app or anyone can send it to you

• Your flight information should be sent in this format: [Airline] [Flight number], for example, US Airlines 1244.

How you know that the flight tracker of messaging app works?

• While having the text message containing your flight information on the screen, you can launch the native messaging app.

• If your text with the flight information comes out underlined, it means the messaging app is working and you can tap on the screen.’

• While if your flight is away for several months or you already have missed it, you will get a message like, “Flight information is unavailable.”

How to get the flight information when the messaging app is active?

• After tapping on the text that has been underlined on your messaging app, you’ll receive these two options.

• Preview Flight: by tapping on this option you’ll get the best feature, a real-time flight tracking map. And here you can view all the flight information.

• Copy Flight Code: This feature is useful if you want to copy your flight information to send it to anyone via text message on messaging app or through email.

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What kind of flight information you can get through this messaging app?

• With the use of this messaging app, you can have access to this kind of flight information

• Airline name and flight number

• Flight status (arriving on time, delayed or cancelled)

• Gate numbers (for arrival and departure)

• Arrival and departure time

• Flight duration

• Baggage claim

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