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Google! Why Don’t You Take Strict Action Against Paid Blogging?

It’s been years now in the industry of SEO. I’ve seen ups and downs in different ways of my life during the Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is all about increasing visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc etc.

With blogging people earn lot of money like by promoting their own products, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and big once is Ads from different platforms like Google Adsense etc.

We see lot of website are offering guest posts options for start ups and established bloggers. But when I approched them and said “Hi, I just saw that you are allowing bloggers to publish a blogpost as a guest. I really want to publish a healthy piece of content that is 100% percent relevant to your blog and your readers would love that. Most of them said to me “we will charge $100 dollars for this guest post. Post will not be lablled as “Sponsored”, link will be do-follow. If you need link from previously published post we will charge $50 etc etc.” I said to them this wasn’t mentioned on your website that you will charge us. And again in reply they said just a single word that is “SORRY”.

Google is strictly against paid links as they consider it a spammy idea somehow. I believe that these bloggers are taking money under the table.If this is going to be the future of small bloggers then I think everyone should raise their voice untill Google gets awaked

I know everyone has the right to earn money but doesn’t make any sense basically. Take money from companies and published their posts along with the “Sponsored Post Lablled”.

I apologize if this post hurt anyone but this is the reality and we should act like a Professionally.

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