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How To Disable Chrome Tracking On Android And Computer?

With its fast and highly customizable services google chrome has become the most popular searching engine. It facilitates all the people around the globe with its ease and accessibility of millions of web pages even when they contain heavy graphic content and ads. Meanwhile, when you’re surfing through the websites it’s also tracking you.

Of course, all the browsers and web services always keep on tracking you. But Google Chrome is the only one that is instructing an easy way to put in a request to disable chrome’s tracking.

All the websites have different security panels So many of these don’t allow you to turn off chrome’s tracking completely. However, when it’s configured properly, Google chrome sends Do not track requests to every website that you visit. Here, you’ll get to know how it is possible.

But before we head to the procedure to disable this chrome’s tracking activities, you need to recognize how these websites are tracking you while you are busy surfing the internet. Know that in an online world, nothing can be purely private. Whenever you visit a website, they collect information about you like:

⮚ Your android’s or computer’s technical configuration
⮚ Address of previous sites you have visited
⮚ Your email addresses
⮚ Files, data, songs or movies you have downloaded
⮚ Your location on your phone or computer

The foremost way of tracking is known as “cookie tracking“. Chrome and other web browsers utilise cookies to provide you with customised services. And in the meantime, with these pros, they have a con of tracking you down. Whenever you use the web, you send the data of your activities and location to these sites and Chrome.

The additional traitors that provided information of your well-being are your:

● IP address
● Log-in information
● Shopping online
● Visiting a mall with Bluetooth or google location on
● An app on your phone
● Registering for programs or games
● Browser user agents and more

But the good thing is that you can get rid of all this virtual tracking by filling out a simple request form of do not track on google. Though Chrome doesn’t guarantee 100% tracking free service, it’s still better than all the other browsers that offer nothing.

Chrome has respect for your privacy and offers you access to diable chrome’s tracking service. Furthermore, it doesn’t deceive you with bogus promises. Here are the words from google that are written on Chrome’s settings page about how these websites will respond to your request of Disable chrome’s tracking:

“Most websites and web services, including Google’s, don’t change their behaviour when they receive a Do Not Track request. Chrome doesn’t provide details of which websites and web services accept Do Not Track requests and how websites interpret them”

Similar words are written on every popular search engine, let it be an internet explorer or others. But still, if you want to increase your privacy you should always have to put in a request of “Disable chrome tracking”. Here comes a way to do this

How to put in a request to Disable Chrome tracking for Android:

● Open the Chrome app that is installed in your android cell phone
● See the top right side of the address bar, click on the button ‘more. Settings’
● Now open the icon of privacy and security
● Here, you can send Disable chrome’s tracking request
● You can turn your browsing traffic on or off.

How to put in a request to Disable Chrome tracking for Computers:

● On the bottom left of your screen, tap on the start button
● Now, click on the settings
● In the settings, click on the privacy and security icon for cookies and other sites data
● Here you can send a ” Disable chrome’s tracking” request
● You can turn your browsing traffic on or off.

Further you can also install the following Google Chrome extention to stop trackers:

[appbox chromewebstore ijnodnmgpgmgaajhagolfiemmmamfcgb]

The one bad news is waiting for the Apple users. Google Chrome has yet doesn’t define any of these ‘Disable Chrome’s tracking’ services for iPhones and iPads.


After going through the complete article, you are now able to take care of your privacy settings. The knowledge of how the websites and browsers gather information about you by using cookies and other data to track you down has been communicated. Moreover, now you know how to put in a request form to disable Chrome’s tracking.

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