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How to Install Apps on Android Auto?

Wondering how to install apps on android auto? Android Auto enables you to focus on the road by bringing applications to your phone’s or car’s display.

You have full control over navigation, maps, phone calls, text messages, and music. Suppose you have just found Android Auto and all of its potential. This program allows you to transmit its screen to the dashboard of your vehicle, which is quite convenient. 

Whether used to listen to music or to follow a GPS path, the program offers several benefits. As such, you want to maximize its potential. This requires the installation of new applications on Android Auto.  

As a result, we will walk you through everything in this post so you can utilize the applications you want on Android Auto. Going through this article will also help you in finding how to install apps on android auto.  

Different Steps on How to Install Apps on Android Auto 

There are several steps involved in customizing Android Auto with the applications you choose. To begin, you must ensure that the applications you wish to install are compatible. 

Compatibility Of My Applications with Android Auto 

Android Auto is integrated into your system apps if you have the Android ten operating system.  Therefore, it is the most recent version of the program. This is compatible with virtually all applications available on the Google Play Store. 

If your application is available in the Google Play store catalog, then it is compatible with Android Auto.  This is also the primary requirement for your application for installing. 

When in Android Auto, select this button to bring up a catalog of available applications: 

  • At the upper left of your screen, tap three little parallel bars. 
  • Select Android applications. 
  • This will take you to the application’s main catalog. 

To view other applications, here is a link to the Play-store. Here you will discover several suggestions for customizing your Android Auto to your liking. GPS apps, texting, music, and radio are just a few examples. From everything, you need to get started with Android Auto to how to install apps on android auto. You will find different suggestions.  

Download The App of My Desired Version 

Once you have decided on the application to install on Android Auto, all that remains is to download it. This may be done straight from the application’s Play-store. 

If you want further information on the technique, the following are some helpful hints: 

How To Organize an Automatic with Installed Apps on Android 

After downloading and installing all of the applications you wish to utilize with Android Auto, only one step remains. Now you must configure them to be accessible via Android Auto. 

We thoroughly explain everything to you about how to install apps on Android Auto. The application launcher may now be configured. That is the appearance of your dashboard when Android Auto is started. Which programs and in what sequence they show as shortcuts. 

The method varies slightly depending on the version of Android you’re using. Also, on whether you’re using Android Auto Mobile or not. 

If you are using an Android ten device without Android Auto: 

  • Navigate to the settings 
  • In the search field, type Android Auto and then click on it. 
  • Look for the phrase “customize the application launcher.” 

Select whatever applications are currently running and move them to the top of the list. In this way, they display first in the Android Auto selections. 

If you’re using an older version of Android or Android Auto Mobile, here is how to install apps on android auto: 

  • Start the application 
  • To access the menu, click on the three horizontal bars in the top left corner. 
  •  Select an option. Personalize the application launcher. 
  • Carry out the same technique as described previously. 

 And there you have it. Relaunch the Android Auto application to ensure that your selections are remembered. All you need to do is activate Android Auto to access all of these newly installed applications. 


After going through the article, you will now be aware of how to install apps on Android Auto. From knowing about Android Auto to everything you can use with it, are mentioned above. Using Android Auto, you have GPS, maps, navigation, and everything at hand. This makes it easier for you to use applications in your car.   

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