Apple iOS 15.1 Beta 3 Update

iOS 15.1 Beta 3 And iPad OS 15.3 Beta 3 Is Out for Testing to Developers

Are you an Apple lover? If yes, the exciting news is waiting for you. The statement is rolling out that the company has seeded iOS 15.1 beta 3 as well as iPad OS 15.3 beta 3 to developers. The updated version has an addition of Share Play along with the update of other apps including Apple wallet and Apple health. Apple health app is created for storing Covid-19 vaccination cards. Apple wallet is created for universal control, digital ids and support.

Universal Control will help registered users to control numerous Macs and iPads with the same keyboard and mouse. And Apple recently announced that this feature will be released in the spring of next year. There were no clues of Universal Control in the previous beta, so it appears as if it will be appearing in iPad OS 15.4.

But the digital ids in the Apple wallet have been in use since it was introduced in June. And now all these features are available to the public for beta testing. The testing of the beta program isn’t for you to see what’s unique, it’s to help you guide the release of new versions of iOS. So, they can be available to you for your daily use. That’s why I recommend you test it on your different devices and report any problems that get in your way to let the company rectify them in the next update of beta.

As you know, the updates of Apple do not instantly appear for downloading, so be patient and keep a check on it, as it usually takes a few minutes to reach out to all the registered developers. Here is the build number of iOS 15.1 beta 3 of Apple for your information I.e 19B5060d.

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