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iOS to Android WhatsApp Transfer Tool Live for Samsung Phones

WhatsApp is finally making it easy to switch from iOS to Android while keeping all of your communications intact. If your message library has been a stumbling block in your decision to move phones, this is a piece of welcome news, but you’ll need to be switching to a Samsung phone to take advantage of it.

At the moment, WhatsApp users may sync their chats to a new device by transferring them to Google Drive backups on Android devices and iCloud backups on iOS devices. If you’re switching from a Pixel to a Pixel or an iPhone to an iPhone, this process goes smoothly without any significant issues.

If you’re considering switching platforms – whether from Android to another platform or vice versa — this upgrade will enable you to do so without losing any of your texts, voice notes, or pictures.

It will, however, take some time before it is available to all users. The Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 will be the first smartphones to allow transfers as a result of a collaboration with Samsung and its Smart Switch mobile application. In other words, if you’re presently using an iPhone and one of today’s new foldable catches your eye, you’ll be able to bring all of your data with you instead of depending on Google Drive or iCloud to save it.

The exact date when this feature will be available to all Android devices is unclear — WhatsApp itself says it will be available to Samsung devices running Android 10 or higher in the coming weeks — but once it is available to all devices, you will be able to switch between operating systems without losing your data.

It has been impossible to use the transfer feature due to the encryption built into the app until now, but cooperation between “the world’s major operating systems and mobile manufacturers” has made it feasible to avoid OS lock-in, according to the firm.

We have known about this functionality for a while now, thanks to leaked beta versions of WhatsApp that have surfaced online. For the time being, we will have to wait till it’s accessible on all phones before we can try it out, but if you know someone who’s been waiting patiently to switch from an iPhone to the Galaxy Z Fold3 in the autumn, this is the news they’ve been waiting for.

Appearing in iOS

The most recent beta version of WhatsApp for iOS includes the ability to transmit chats to Android activated in the preferences menu. Navigate to the Conversations menu and choose the “Move chats to Android” option. For the time being, it seems to be accessible exclusively on certain accounts, and as previously said, it appears that moving to a current Samsung phone is the only option.

It is possible that the functionality will be made available to all Android smartphones at some point in the future. According to the information available at this time, there is no indication that an Android-to-iOS transfer capability is in development.

Available for Samsung phones

After just a week after the official debut of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, WhatsApp has added support for moving data across iOS and Android devices – as long as you’re upgrading to one of the company’s smartphones. Although the company’s newest blog post says it will continue to support additional Android devices “soon,” we don’t know when or what hardware will be supported at the moment.

But, hey, if you’re an iPhone user who’s been itching to get your hands on a Galaxy S21 or Z Flip3, you won’t have to worry about losing your texts when you make the switch!

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