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Microsoft Productivity Solutions Acquiring Clipchamp

Video editing software may be the next major thing to emerge out of Microsoft’s portfolio of productivity tools in the near future. Earlier this week, Microsoft productivity solutions announced the acquisition of Clipchamp, a company that provides web-based video creation and editing software that allows anyone to create video presentations, promos, and videos intended for distribution on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Clipchamp was founded in 2006 and had offices in San Francisco and New York. According to Microsoft, Clipchamp is a “natural match” for the company’s current Microsoft productivity solutions for families, schools, and companies.

Microsoft was interested in the purchase for a number of reasons. A rising number of people are producing and consuming video material today due to a growing number of innovative technologies that enable anybody — even non-professionals — to rapidly and simply conduct sophisticated edits and create high-quality video content.

The result, according to Microsoft productivity solutions, has been the establishment of video as a new kind of “document” for companies, which can be used to accomplish things like proposing ideas, explain processes and interact with other team members.

Clipchamp, according to the business, was a particularly attractive acquisition target because it combined the ease of a web application with the full computational capability of a PC with graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration. In addition, because of this, the program is a suitable match for the Microsoft productivity solutions and windows client base, as well.

Clipchamp itself had developed a number of online tools in the video creation and editing space, including its video maker Clipchamp Create, which includes features such as trimming, cutting, cropping, rotating, and speed control, as well as the ability to add text, audio, images, colors, and filters to video clips.

Besides templates, it offers a variety of additional resources to make video production simpler, such as free stock video and audio libraries, screen recorders, text-to-speech tools, and other tools for simplifying a brand’s typeface, colors, and logos for use in videos.

A video compressor and converter, as well as an in-browser webcam recorder, were formerly included in a now-discontinued collection of utilities known as Clipchamp Utilities, which was once available for download. However, some of this functionality has been transferred over to the new Clipchamp application.

The fact that producers may select between various output styles and aspect ratios for major social media networks after creating films with Clipchamp makes it a popular tool for online marketers.

Microsoft 365 productivity solutions did not reveal the purchase price as yet, but it is expected anytime in the near future. Interestingly, this is not Microsoft’s first effort to get into the video industry. Microsoft has been expanding the video capabilities of its team communication software, Microsoft Teams, as well.

Clipchamp will continue to develop within Microsoft productivity solutions, according to Dreiling, with an emphasis on making video editing more accessible to a wider range of users.

Microsoft productivity solutions did not provide a timeline for when it expects to incorporate Clipchamp into its current software package, instead stating that it will provide additional information at a later date.

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