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Spy Phone App – Mobile Phone Monitoring & Tracker Software

Mobile spy software or cell phone monitoring app is used for spying on Android, iPhone, Mac & Windows-related IT infrastructure and devices. A spy phone app – software delivers a wide range of monitoring solutions to its users to accomplish desired benefits. When it comes to spying on employees, spy app software can help business owners and managers to find it out what their subordinates do with business phones. A spy app software delivers the following benefits to its user.

Spy Phone App Can Do Wonders

Monitor Incoming / Outgoing Calls Control Installed Applications or Block
Track Sent / Received Messages View Photos and Videos
Read Incoming / Outgoing Emails Device Lock, Device Info, Control Panel
Track Current GPS Location + Geo-Fencing Watch YouTube History, Liked Video
Monitor Internet Usage + Browsing History Access Calendar and Contacts
Monitor Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Line Viber, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts

Installing spy phone app software on your smartphone will allow you to get the complete details of calls performed from your monitored devices and phones. Parents and employers can use a spy app to monitor day to day activities of their children and employees.

  • Recording of Calls
  • Viewing Of calls history
  • Interception during live calls

Spy app software enables a user to read and record all the messages from the desired smartphone. Most of the time, children use SMS to communicate. This feature can allow parents to watch their daily activities.

  • View send & receive messages
  • Redirect any SMS

Spy Phone App helps its users find out the exact location of the GPS route of their monitored smartphone. For organizations and employers, that is the best-preferred feature to track the location of their employees. Any user can get the complete list of location history with the help of a spy app. Spy apps help users to look:

  • Complete location history
  • Detect the current location of a device
  • Viewing travel route on Map
  • Finding out the details of the restricted area

Spying On Emails

Get complete access to the emails and conversations of a monitored device via using Spy App Software. This option helps you find out the list of incoming/outgoing emails.

Messenger is the widely used medium for conversation purposes in the modern age. Smartphone users like to make conversation with this medium. Spy App Software allows its users to get the complete details of the monitored phone. It helps to spy on

  • Facebook chats and group conversations
  • WhatsApp Spy (chats and group conversations)
  • BBM Chats spying
  • Viber Chats spying
  • Skype chats spying

Viewing Out Of Multimedia Files

A Spy app software helps you to get the accurate detail of all multimedia files of the monitored phone. It includes videos, photo files, and audio. The spying app will allow you to

  • Find out the list of captured & saved photos
  • Watching out videos
  • Listen to their saved music

Spy app software is there for you to view out all the calendar activities as wells as instantly get to know about the alerts related to SIM card notifications and suspicious activities. This feature allows to spy on

  • Any future appointment schedule
  • SIM card notifications
  • Receive alerts about suspicious words, emails, calls

Control & Bug A Phone Device

Mobile Spy App software allows its users to have complete control over a monitored device. By taking advantage of this feature, they can turn a device into a live phone recording of their surroundings.

  • Controlling on a device will help you to
  • Listen to live conversations
  • Lock a smartphone

What People Are Saying About This App

This specific mobile spy app really helps me to judge the suspicious activities of my children. As a parent, I really appreciate the working of this particular app.  Now I can really know their daily activities, what they do with their phones and about their social media activities. –Micheal Album

I don’t know how I would’ve been able to keep my children under control all these years without this cell phone spy software. I has a demanding job working as a bank teller and taking care of her brood of 2 daughters, and a son is a full-time job for her. She would spend days worrying about what her children were up to till she got home in the evening. Cell phone spy app lets her lookout for her kids even while she’s at work as she can look at what they’re up to with just a few clicks of the mouse. – Claudia Bank

I used a cell phone spy app to zero in on an employee that had been leaking sensitive company information to a rival business and dealt with it swiftly. I noticed that a rival business was suddenly winning all the tenders that his company used to handle. I suspected an information leak and confirmed his suspicions by running mobile spy software on all his employee’s work phones. He found and fired the culprit within weeks and didn’t even have to pay any severance pay thanks to all the incriminating evidence collected by mobile spy software. – Shane Callahan

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