Altaf Hussain Is MQM – We Will Not Accept Any Resolution In NA

altaf hussain
Written by Syed Qasim Abbas

Former MQM’s MPA and  member of Sindh Assembly Erum Azeem Farooqi said Altaf Hussain himself asked Wasay Jalil to tweet that they are not going accept minus one formula.

Erum said Wasay don’t have much authorities to publish these kinds of statements.

She said, Pakistan based MQM and it’s leaders submitted the resolutions against the Altaf Hussain in National Assembly due to his nagative speech regarding Pakistan and it’s organizations.

According to MQM leader that London based party member Wasay Jalil tweeted that London based MQM is not going to accept any resolution or minus Altaf formula at any cost.

Remember: Yesterday Pakistan based MQM leaders edited the party constitution and removed the name of Altaf Hussain.

Dr. Farooq Sitter said we made this change according to the decisions taken on 23 August 2016.

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