Balanced Reply To Modi (Questions Against Pakistan)

Written by Syed Qasim Abbas

Yesterday, I listened to the speech of Indian Prime Minister Narindar Modi. There are many important things he said about Pakistan. He actually attacked Pakistani Government and Pakistani Nation directly with bad words.

In his speech, he was comparing Pakistan with India. It’s not a bad thing to compare someone with others. But the way he tried to compare that was absolutely the wrong way.

So, let me give the answers of Modi’s speech step by step:

  • India and Pakistan got freedom on same date but now India export software and Pakistan exports terrorists.

Yes, you are true we got the freedom on same date. Maybe you exports softwares but Modi we don’t export terrorists why? Because we are the victim of terrorism. Thousands of innocent Pakistanis killed in this game of terrorism. You and your country is the reason dude.

We have the strong evidences of your involvement in Karachi, Balochistan, KPK. Target killers in Karachi and Balochistan are supported by you.

You said we export terrorism hahahaha. We started the operation Zarb E Azab and every single country of this planet encouraged us for this operation expect you and your country Mr. Modi. We didn’t hear any single positive word about the operation from your side. So, who is the supporter of terrorism?

  • Pakistan is unable to handle the situation of Pakhtun (Kabayail), Balochistan, Karachi. Infact they have lost the East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

Very true Modi, but listen to me as well. If you spend money on talibans, target killers. How can we have peace in our Pakistan? You openly said that your country supported the elements who divided the Pakistan into 2 parts.

But now, we are trying to send back these terrorists from they actually belongs too why you are getting angry why? Answer  me please …

We are unable to handle the situation in Karachi, Balochistan, KPK? Dude are you able to handle the situation in Kashmir? Are you able to handle the situation in Punjab? Are you able to handle the situation for Dalit Families? I am sorry I don’t have much power to expose your brutalities to world. These 3 movements are enough to awake the United Nation and the rest of world.

  • Indians will never forget the gruesome act of killing 18 soldiers in Uri.

Wao, you think we will forget our martyred army who got killed by your supportive hands (Talibans) in operation Zarb E Azab. We will forget the martyred of GHQ? Please refresh your mind.

  • When news about terrorism comes, news also follows that either the terrorist came from there or like Osama went there after the act.

Do you have balanced mind Modi? What happened to you when kids got killed Army Public School. We killed them? Recent attack in Quetta happened due to us? I am sorry sir but you guys were involved in that as well.

We don’t have any single to start war with you. But I have a suggestion, if you really wants to start the war for jobless people, health issues, education, business then you have to stop using the bad words against the Pakistan and start focusing on these matters.

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