Biggest Shipping Terminal Is Going To Be Launched In Karachi

Written by Syed Qasim Abbas

Pakistan’s economy has to face a lot in recent past years, & because of this their overall GDP has to face downward trend over the period of time.  As the economy is now going through a stabilizing phase so the new investors are showing their interest in investment.  News are coming that a Honk Kong based billionaire, Li Ka-Shing has shown their interest to invest in Pakistan by building a new biggest shipping terminal in Karachi.  Five years before he has decided to invest in that project but somehow can’t be able to pursue that decision; now he decided to invest. That project will allow mega ships to have an easy access of Karachi port and dock their vessels. Up-till now super-sized vessels could not be able to dock anywhere in Pakistan.

What Honk Kong Based Investor Can Have For Pakistan

Li Ka-Shing is one of the richest man in Honk Kong, involved in the investment of port businesses.  Although his business has to bear some negative affect in result of global economic recession but now it seems to be more stable and established.  His Hutchison Port’s shares gain about 1.2 % shares in Singapore trading after news broke about, that Li Ka-Shing is going the have a new partnership with Karachi port trust.  New shipping terminal will be start its operation in Pakistan at the end of this year as it’s pretty much clear from the agreement, that they have signed with Karachi port trust.

They will act as the subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd, in Pakistan and have the responsibility to manage shipping terminals for large size vessels. That investment will be a great healthy sign for the growth of country’s economy.  As the china has already decided to invest around $46 billion as the part of CPEC plan so there are chances that  overall economic indicators will be strengthen over the period of time due to overall healthy investment opportunities.

As per officials, this step will be so helpful to regain the desired expected economic results. Abid Butt, CEO Karachi-based Freight Company said that “Pakistan has been lagging behind big time and now we are moving into the future with this terminal being one of the deepest in the region. The port can become a transshipment location given India is congested and located better than Dubai’s Jabel Ali”. As more than half of the country trade is happening through Karachi port so inauguration of a new port terminal in forthcoming days will be positive sign form the point of view of approaching towards an economic sustainability.

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