Conference Alerts – International Conferences in India 2016 and 2017

Written by Syed Qasim Abbas

Conference Alerts is an online resource for information about academic conferences and events being held in cities all over India in 2016 and 2017. This comprehensive online database and portal is free, and it can be a great benefit in the development of an academic career by giving the user instant access to information about science and technology conferences year round where participants can attend as an audience member or become involved as a research presenter.

By signing up for free email updates from Conference Alerts, subscribers receive the most current information about all kinds of scientific conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops, and other academic events matched to their interests, dates of availability, and their preferred location. Conference Alerts is one of the largest online databases in the world, providing information about academic events all around India in 2016 and 2017. Email updates give the subscriber the information about upcoming events they want without needing to frequently check-in at the website.

The goals of the Conference Alerts website are to contribute to the revolution of breakthroughs and new understandings in the fields of engineering and other scientific disciplines by bringing students, researchers, and the public information about upcoming events and conferences in their fields of Interest. The other purpose of the website Is providing a simple to use portal for researchers who wish to submit papers for presentation at a listed event.

Conferences on academic subjects listed at Conference Alerts are of three types:

  1. Themed conferences are small and are focused on a specific topic.
  2. General conferences have a wider focus and more small sessions on a larger number of related topics. General conferences are often organized by regional, national, or International scientific societies and organizations they are usually held yearly or on some other regularly occurring schedule.
  3. Professional conferences are the largest events and are open to participants outside the academic discipline of focus as well as experts in the field.

Conference Alerts welcomes and facilitates applications for giving a presentation at upcoming conferences and other scientific research events listed on the website. Research papers from all fields can be submitted through the web-based portal. Presentations at many conferences are short and concise, lasting only five to fifteen minutes Keynote presenters sometimes have presentations lasting up to one half hour. These conferences and events are highly focused and Intense, bringing large amounts of information and new contacts in a well-organized format. Upcoming Conferences in India in 2016 include: The International Conference on Advances in Sciences, Engineering and Management Date: March 2oth, 2016

Location: Mysore, India

Event ID: ICASEM 2016

Description: The purpose of this conference is to bring together experts from academia and Industry who are Involved In the sciences of engineering technology and management. The central theme of this conference will be the interchange of ideas and Information in this rapidly changing science and the Industries and technologies emerging from it. Engineers, students of engineering. Academic scholars, scientists in related disciplines, and engineering industry professionals are invited to attend and to submit papers for consideration.

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