Imran Khan Asked For Help From Opposition Paties

imran khan
Written by Syed Qasim Abbas

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreem E Insaaf Imran Khan if opposition parties give support to our point of view than we can change the schedule of date and location for protest.

After addressing in National Assembly he talked with media. He said, Aya Saddiq is not a neutral speaker. He don’t accept Ayaz Saddiq as a speaker.

Imran said, that government has lost the right to operate the country. And they are using negative ways to put pressure on opposition parties.

Raiwind is not the property of Sharif Family. Other peoples are also Pakistani who lives there. Gullu Butts of Noon League are saying that we will break your legs if we do the march in Raiwind.

He said, Prime Minister is not giving answer on Panama Papers. And his kids are continuously lying.

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