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PTCL Collobrates With Zong To Deploy Fiber Line


As the most emerged & improved telecommunication services provider of Pakistan. Zong has decided to enhance their services scope all across the country by refining their overall coverage channels. This time, they are collaborating with PTCL to deploy 789 kilometers of fiber optic in order to improve standards of telecommunication services range. For that purpose, they have signed a fiber leasing agreement with PTCL to deploy fiber line in the respective area.  An agreement ceremony was held at PTCL headquarter where; Mr. Daniel Ritz, CEO & President of PTCL and Mr. Liu Dianfeng, Chairman & CEO, Zong signed the agreement. PTCL & Zong friendship started a year ago, when in December 2015 they singed an MOU so as to collaborate with each other as a prospect partners.

What’s 3G / 4G Users Will Get Out Of This Deal!

As the total number of 3G/4G users has been increased in Pakistan in recent past years so making an enhancement in services coverage by doing Collaborations with other tech services providers like PTCL will surely help Zong to cater the needs of their customers and improve their service quality. As the Zong now facing threats regarding overall customer’s base in Pakistan, especially from Mobilink; this development will be a positive one especially to enrich their overall customer chunk.  This fiber optic wire will connect with Zong base transaction station for data back hauling, to improve user experience of their telecom and internet services.

This seem to be the cost effective solution especially form the point of view of Zong Telecom to deliver maximum coverage of their services. Zong 4G services have already got a positive response from countrywide users & in result of this new collaboration, they can easily get more attention of their existing and new customers & enhance their overall customer base,  which will eventually leads to the achievement of maximization profit goal.

Dignitaries invited to The Ceremony

CEO of PTCL & Chairman of Zong Pakistan signed the agreement, some other dignitaries were also present in the ceremony. Those are

  • Maham Dard (Director Corporate Affairs, ZONG)
  • Miao Qiao (Chief Technical Officer (ZONG)
  • Mannan Shabbir (Executive Director Procurement, ZONG)
  • Li Yewen (Director Network Planning, ZONG)
  • Sikandar Naqi (Chief Business Development Officer, PTCL)
  • Saad Warraich (Chief Technical and Information Officer, PTCL)
  • Muhammed Nehmatullah (Chief Financial Officer, PTCL)
  • Omar Khalid (EVP, Carrier Services and Wholesale)

Note: We suggest them to have some testing services before launching the Fiber lines. 😀

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