Office 2021 release date for businesses and consumers

When is Office 2021 Releasing for Businesses and Consumers?

Office 2021 for business users will be released on October 5th, according to Microsoft. The company is also releasing the next permanent edition of Microsoft Office for commercial clients today. 

Microsoft Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for Windows and Mac will be accessible for business starting today. The LTSC provides a time-limited version of Office that does not need a subscription and is not available to consumers. 

Office 2021 LTSC

Office LTSC is intended for companies in regulated sectors where processes and applications cannot be changed on a monthly basis. It also helps in manufacturing facilities that depend on Office and need a time-release that is not subject to monthly modification.  

It will not come with the artificial intelligence and cloud-based capabilities present in Microsoft 365. Moreover, it will not get any additional features in the future. In addition to providing maintenance for Office LTSC for five years, Microsoft has also committed to developing another permanent version of Office for the foreseeable future. 

What’s New in Office LTSC 2021?

Microsoft recommends that administrators uninstall previous versions of Office before the new Office LTSC 2021 release is installed. In addition, the following changes and editions have been made in Office 2021 LTSC. 

  • New privacy policies in User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2016\Privacy\Trust Center 
  • Configure the level of client software diagnostic data sent by Office to Microsoft 
  • Allow the use of connected experiences in Office that analyze content 
  • Allow the use of connected experiences in Office that download online content 
  • Allow the use of connected experiences in Office 
  • 5-years of mainstream support, no extended support. 
  • OpenDocument format 1.3 support. 
  • New Office Add-ins JavaScript APIs. 
  • Office Telemetry Dashboard is removed. 
  • OneDrive for Business (Groove) client is removed. 
  • Power View in Excel is not available. Power BI is the tool of choice. 

Consumer Office 2021

The consumer Office 2021 perpetual version will be substantially similar. It will be providing a fixed-time release without the ability to get feature upgrades. It is suggested by Microsoft that the following changes to Office will also be implemented in Office 2021: 

Line Focus – A feature comparable to a reading mode that allows you to go through Word documents line by line and eliminate distractions. 

XLOOKUP function – The XLOOKUP function in an Excel worksheet assists in finding items in a table or range of rows by row. 

Dynamic Array Support – Support for dynamic arrays has been added to Excel, including new functions that make use of dynamic arrays. 

Dark Mode – Support for dark mode will be included in all Office 2021 applications. 

  • LET function 
  • XMATCH function 
  • New and improved Record Slide Show 
  • Replay your ink strokes 
  • Arrange elements on your slides for screen readers 
  • Translator and ink in Outlook 
  • In Outlook, use Instant Search to quickly find emails 
  • Visual refresh 
  • See what’s new in stock media 
  • Find what you need with Microsoft Search 
  • Performance improvements 
  • Updated Draw tab 
  • Save your changes as they happen 
  • Support for OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3 
  • Refresh, relink, or remove linked tables 
  • Try the new Date/Time Extended data type in Access 
  • Keep tabs on your database objects in Access 
  • New Azure stencils and shapes in Visio 
  • New AWS stencils and shapes in Visio 
  • Content for social distancing planning in the workplace 
  • Try the Sketched style outline 
  • Pick the perfect color 

Microsoft continues to strongly promote Microsoft 365 for both companies and consumers. It does so despite the fact that the firm best replica rolex has more than 300 million paid seats for Office 365. Surprisingly, they are on the commercial side of the business equation.  

However, Microsoft just announced its first price hike for both Microsoft 365 and Office 365, which will take effect in March 2022 and is effective now. 

Microsoft has not yet released price information for Office 2021. However, the firm has said that the software will be widely accessible on October 5th. This makes it fall on the same day that Windows 11 will be released.  

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