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Preview Voice Notes Before Sending by WhatsApp’s New Feature

On the 14th of December, WhatsApp uploaded a 27sec video explaining the use of previewing voice notes. WhatsApp users can now have access to listen to their voice notes before sharing. They can also dismiss it if they aren’t happy with it and can record a new one.

The once known as an instant messaging app (WhatsApp) is continuously moving toward advancement with its exotic updates and launching new features every day.

When text messages get you connected with your loved ones, voice messages help you listen to each other from around the globe. Voice notes draw your family and friends closer to you. Unlike the calls, they make it useful for both of you to leave it and listen when it’s convenient. And now, the meta-owned company has introduced another invaluable feature to rehearse your statements before recording and sending them to prevent any errors.

Yes, you read it right. Now, the new update on WhatsApp is facilitating you to “think, before you speak” in a virtual world of social media. 

Now you can stop the voice note in between and prepare yourself for the next juncture to express yourself the way you preferred. You can listen to your voice note again and again and if it’s not up to your desires, you can simply send it to the trash instead of sending it to the person waiting on the other side.

How To Preview Voice Notes In WhatsApp?

  1. You are required to open the chat of anyone (individual or group)
  2. On the chat window, touch the microphone icon
  3. You can Slide the microphone up to lock hands-free recording
  4. Now Start speaking to record your message
  5. Tap on Stop when you’re done
  6. Tap on play to preview your recording (you can also play any part or from any time slot of your recording)
  7. (If You don’t like it) delete it
  8. (If You like it) hit on send

Other Features

With its daily and steady progression, WhatsApp has also enabled its users to speed up their voice notes to 1x, 1.5x, or 2x while listening. 

WhatsApp is also working on re-designing chat bubbles completely with more rounded, and vivid bubbles

WhatsApp is also operating to add an ‘Undo’ button that will help its users to delete the accidental status updates.

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