Russia Fines Google & Meta

Russia Fined $100 Million To Google & Meta For Not Removing Banned Russian Content

Google and meta owned companies had faced a massive loss upon their failure to remove banned Russian content. The content included the sensitive information attributed to the opposition leader Alexei Navalny. And the fine had been calculated based on the annual revenues of the Google and Meta owned companies.

Why Russia Has Fined the Google & Meta?

Russia’s Internet regulator, Roskomnadzor appeared in the court to put his statement that the turnover of Google in 2020 in Russia exceeded 85 billion rubles, or about $1.15 billion. So, the Moscow court allegedly fined Google almost $100 million and Meta owned company around $27 million as per their local law for declining the removal of banned Russian content.

The banned Russian content included posts and videos of Navalny’s on the corruption in the country. The websites, posts and apps that are associated with Jailed opposition leader Alexai’s network, were banned and labelled as extremists in Russia. The particular video that made the Moscow court take strict action was Navalny’s video portraying the corruption of the current leader President Vladimir Putin in the inner circle. This video on Youtube, which is owned by Google has been viewed over 120 million times and showed a lavish Black Sea residence that was built for President Putin.

Google’s press service on the other hand didn’t explain much and stated that they will study the court documents first and then decide their next steps, as to whether are going to appeal against the decision or not. Google and meta owned companies have only 10 days to appeal

Meta owned companies including Instagram and Facebook had almost 2000 items of banned Russian content while Google contained almost 2600 items of it. These items of banned Russian content lead them to have been fined on regular basis but the penalty did never exceed more than $1 million. It’s only happened recently that the court calculated their fine based on their revenues.

In the recent news conference of the President of Russia, Putin said

“Russia will continue insisting that our joint work with global network platforms will be in line with the Russian laws.”

Now the citizens are waiting for the responding of technology giants and let’s see what comes out of it.

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