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Software Testing is an integral part of software development process. Inadequate and unreliable testing mechanisms will lead to the reduction in software quality with the passage of time and users might have to find a new substitute. During the development stage of any software, if it’s not tested and evaluated with persistent approach then, there might be the chances that it will become the victim of bugs and vulnerabilities. Standardized as well as diversified testing mechanisms are helpful so as to accomplish software expected quality by identifying out the vulnerabilities and then removing them with the implementation of testing techniques. To achieve that goal, software testing services providers plays a vital and significant role so as to sustain desired quality standards.

Top Software Testing Services Providers


Kualitatem among the top ten pure play software testing & quality assurance services providers by Gartner; Kualitatem is the finest software testing company in the world. They provide a diversified range of testing services like Automation analysis, Functional analysis, Platform Compatibility analysis, and penetration and security analysis services to their worldwide clients. Their testing solutions are for all the key industry verticals like; financial, healthcare, banking, enterprise web and digital media, etc. Testing professionals at Kualitatem know, how to cope with the modern day challenges related to any software or program & what kinds of testing tools will be surely resourceful to maintain the quality of software. Kualitatem ensures that any software quality must be ensured by employing reality-based tools and frameworks so, because of this reason they stand first in the list of top leading software testing services providers.

Odin Technology

Odin Technology is renowned for its automation testing services for their worldwide clients; it ensures that any software which is delivered to them for testing purposes must perform as per their desired expectancy. They are the pioneer of automation analysis in United Kingdom and because of that reason, clients love to contact with them when they have to analyze their software by its automation flaws. Timely and continuous automation analysis is the best feature of their testing services so as to assure quality of their client’s software and programs. As because of their innovative & result oriented testing approaches, they are ranked second in the list of leading software testing services providers.

Performance Lab

Performance Lab is famous for its professionalism in software testing strategies so as to sustain the quality of software. It’s a US-based software testing services provider who use COES testing mechanisms so as to identify the bugs and vulnerabilities attached to their client software. All of their software testing professionals are perfectly experienced so as to accomplish desired testing and assure the quality of software.


Apica is also famous for its software testing solutions to their worldwide clients. Its load testing portal is perfect for the developers to find out the related bugs and vulnerabilities from their designed program and ensure its quality for a long-lasting period. They are ranked fourth in the list of leading software testing services providers. Based in Stockholm Sweden; they are now becoming the major testing services providers worldwide by ensuring the quality of their client’s software.


Amdocs can be considered as the most rapidly growing software testing company in recent times. They have completely shift their focus form communication sector to testing. If they keep on growing with current growth rate; then it’s obvious that they can become one of the top most software testing services provider in the world. Amdocs have designed some unique and result oriented testing tools so as to maintain the desired expected quality of their client’s software. They ranked fifth in the list of software testing services providers.


Eleks delivered some quality testing solutions to all their worldwide clients by making it ensure that their software performs as per the expectations. They have the exact reality-based tools and mechanisms, which are perfect establish any actual software quality. Testing professionals at Eleks have years of experience in performing accurate and ingenious testing to solve any bug and ensure quality within no time.


Centure4Testing is now established as the mainstream software testing service provider in recent past years. Their independent software testing services are perfectly beneficial and helpful so as to sustain the actual quality of software provided by their clients. In comparison to other software testing solution providers, their test evaluation tools are economical & result oriented. That is the reason why they are the preferred choice for worldwide clients.


Without any doubt, these are the most dominant and resourceful software testing services providers. They are the leader in independent software analysis as their testing professionals have the competency to establish quality of any software.

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