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Deemphasize & Disable Flash In Chrome – Will It Be The New Google Strategy!

Written by Syed Qasim Abbas

Now browsing with Chrome will be faster & safer as Google has proclaimed that, their new version of Chrome will be free from Adobe Flash technology. HTML5 will be used as their replacement & from September 2016 on wards flash will be completely disabled from Chrome browsers.  Researchers at Google have analyzed HTML5 as the faster tool for loading websites especially which are full of video related content.  After the release of Chrome new version “chrome 53” in September users have to manually install Adobe if want to access sites which are not updated as per the new alterations in chrome.

This is it for Flash!

HTML5 is more power efficient and resourceful in terms of providing perfect browsing experience to all the laptop users by ensuring the less battery consumption. As per a Google Analyst; Users will find a huge improvement in responsiveness and efficiency of websites; they would love to browse through Google.  As in resent point of time; two major operating system platforms are Windows & iOS.  For millions of web surfers; Chrome is a preferred choice & because of that reason they use it as default web browsers.  By introducing new versions in upcoming months will help them to get the attraction of new users those, currently use other platforms to have access to websites.

In recent past years, Flash has become a major security obligation as it has flaws which lead to allowing the attackers to hack any system and change the settings accordingly. Flash made any operating system vulnerable and exposed to threats so; HTML5 will be a better choice for all those who wants to experience a secure and perfect web browsing with less battery usage. In their new upcoming Mac laptop series “mac OS Sierra” Apple’s Safari browser will block all the flash content which indeed shows that this is the end of a flash era.

In 2010, Steve Jobs pointed out the similar bugs in flash which are now reinforce by the chrome researchers. At that time he wrote down the list of flaws describing the impact of performance of operating system as well as user’s experience. Chrome 55 which will be launched in December 2016 will make HTML5 as default and developers will have no choice to develop a website which supports new version of Chrome to have maximum user access.

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