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Why Do People Think That Software Testing Is An Easy Job? Is It Really That Sweet

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Written by Syed Qasim Abbas

Testing is not as easy as it is assumed. No matter how much a software testing executive has certifications and experience, every time he has to follow a hard path to analyze unidentified bugs and vulnerabilities attach to a software or any IT information system. The overall testing process seems to be easy, but it’s the responsibility of bugs and vulnerabilities identification that makes it a hard process. A huge number of IT executives switch their career path from software development to software testing by assuming that it will be an easy job for them to find out vulnerabilities and threats, but that didn’t happen in reality.  Any software tester has to face plenty of complications and hurdles during the analysis of testing scripts that a software developer hasn’t ever think off.  Less availability of training and testing manuals also make tasting a hard job to perform.  Testing is a hard job because of

  • Less involvement of testers in development process
  • Ineffective communication regarding testing requirement
  • Implementation of  requirements & their results always takes time

Be Patient !

There is always a war between developers and testers. Many times it happens that a tester has identified a bug in software or program, but the developers have taken it as an identification of mistake in their work.  Any developer will never like that a bug is identified in their code. First, they will try to convince tester; that it is an expected behavior to which everyone has to accept.  They will always differ with you on your opinion as a tester whatever it should be.  As a tester, you will have to make more meetings with developers so as to convince and educate them about a bug. So there will be a more waste of time

Less involvement of tester during the development process is a key factor which makes software testing a hard job to accomplish. It’s almost a same scenario that testers have to face in every development house.  No one takes any interest what they think about a particular development process or wants to add some recommendation about a specific code. The less involvement throughout the development process will lead to increase in overall expectation in testing results.  Last but not the least; any IT product or software cannot perform free of bugs for an infinite time. At some point, it has to face bugs and inefficiencies which will affect its required expected quality, so both developers and testers have to co-operate with each other to attain desired goals.

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