Virtual Dining Concepts Turn Tiktok Into Tiktok Kitchen

TikTok is well known for providing quick entertainment in the form of videos that have a duration from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. This video-focused social networking service is now launching another service of turning their viral food videos into the menus. They are going to deliver the food to your doorstep which is an additional boon to its creation.

If you are a user of TikTok, you must be well aware of the viral food videos of baked feta pasta that were all over the internet for the whole year. Google has reported that it was the most searched dish of the year. Considering the popularity, the creators of TikTok are collaborating with Virtual Dining Concepts and GrubHub for making another marketing campaign. TikTok’s kitchen will convert its viral food videos into reality.

TikTok’s kitchen is going to operate from the existing restaurants that are owned by their collaborating partners. But with the use of a restaurant’s kitchen and employees, they are going to provide the service of training, food packaging, and authentic recipes. And to keep the quality up and dishes fresh, the menu will rotate quarterly as more viral food videos come to TikTok’s kitchen.

For the virtual dining of TikTok’s kitchen, 300 locations have been decided all over the US. They will start delivering the dishes in march. They further plan to open up more than 1000 restaurants by the end of 2022.

The initial menu of TikTok’s kitchen will include all the viral food videos like baked feta pasta, smash burgers, corn ribs and pasta chips. And this menu will be enriched with more viral food videos. The creators of the viral food videos will be receiving credit for their content as well as a partnership with TikTok’s kitchen.

Hence TikTok’s kitchen sale is going to support the creators of the viral food videos as well as inspire others to express themselves on this platform.

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