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Top 5 Brain Games For Android

We are living in a technology-driven digital world, where everyone is in search of entertainment that is easy to get and healthy for use as well. Among all the pleasurable commodities, mobile games are the trendiest ones. You can have access to these anywhere and at any time. Moreover, to protect your brain cells from losing their capability and development of cognitive functions, these games are the most effective. These games help you improve your logical skills and IQ. They also help ease your anxiety and depression. They extend your attention span, enhance hand-eye coordination, sharpen your memory and decision-making skills as well. Here I am going to explain the remarkable features of the brain games which I like the most.

See The List Of Free Brain Games


Sudoku is a short-term memory game that depends on the settlement of numbers. To complete this puzzle, the player has to follow the trails of values with a complete focus. These types of strategies help sharpen your brain and your decision-making ability.

You can have easy access to this game by just downloading it from the play store on your android cell phone or tablet. you can play it online as well, or on paper with a pen or pencil. You can also buy a book with a collection of puzzles or plenty of these puzzles are available online. you can get them from the newspaper as well. Take a start from an easy game and then move to a harder one so you can learn and enjoy at the same time.

[appbox googleplay com.sudoku.jgames.classic]


One of the classic games that have access to many dimensions of knowledge. It enhances the vocabulary and sharpens the memory as well. It is a word puzzle game that takes place in the form of black and white shaded squares or rectangular grids with letters or words forming words or phrases that one can find out simply by following the clues.

You can play this game in both online and offline mode on android. Or you can simply pick up a book of crosswords that best suited your talent and interest.

[appbox googleplay mobi.redstonegames.crossword.en]

Neuro Nation

The Neuro Nation is a Scientifically designed brain training game that helps improve the mind, stimulate concentration, enhance memory and brain health by challenging your logic. This game is the newest trend in brain fitness games and it offers more than 25 games that strengthen our intelligence.

Neuro Nation offers a free trial for its android users or its simplified app version is available on a reasonable monthly subscription.

[appbox googleplay]


Skillz is entirely free of cost for its android users that question our intelligence by providing us with suitable brain exercises. It boosts our concentration, direction of movement, and brain speed. While playing this game you can improve gradually with a lot of fun by attending its daily, weekly, or monthly training programs.

All the android users can download it on their cell phones or tablets by the play store or can play it online as per their taste.

[appbox googleplay net.rention.mind.skillz]


As the name indicates, it elevates the mental health status by psychological excursion. Because of its unique features, this app becomes the best among brain game apps for android. It provides its android users with daily challenges of three to five games and helps you make, work, and achieve your goal. You can also compare your score with other users of your age groups so that you can feel competitive.

Here you can get the free training programs to work systematically. It also offers you 40 different games that are collaborated with specialists.

[appbox googleplay com.wonder]

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